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Oct 8, 2013 01:05 PM

Bricco lately?

I haven't seen much on these boards about Bricco lately. We are going there soon (with friends, not our choice) and were hoping it is improved since our last experience about 4 years back, which was a disaster. We went with a large group found it overpriced, with unevenly prepared and unimaginative food (with the Big Night Timpano being the lowlight). The waiter didn't give a crap because he was already getting a fixed gratuity due to the large party. All of this coupled with a healthy dose of booze, made for a slightly testy end to the evening. Any recommendations on preferred dishes would be appreciated.

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  1. Haven't been but based on your report I'd skip it especially if going with a group. A lot of rests never master serving large groups.
    Frank D of bricco has been in the service business all his life. He has had some great places and not so good one's. One thing he knows how to do is marketing his places to tourists.
    I'd go somewhere else in the north end. Look into Mama Maria's.

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    1. re: libertywharf

      "with friends, not our choice"..."I'd go somewhere else"

      "Bricco lately?"..."Haven't been"

    2. For me, it isn't a bad place to grab a quick bite at the bar (depending who is working). I usually get a half order of the pappardelle al cinghiale but caved once to the bartender's advice to try the pumpkin tortelli and really liked it.

      1. Used to love it, found it went into sharp decline after Marisa Iocco left, and the steady price creep was ridiculous. Gouging on wines and lousy bartending sealed its fate for me.

        Not a fan of that restaurant group. They do shitty, gougey things like refusing to serve tap water at Trattoria Il Panino.

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        1. re: MC Slim JB

          Why in the world would they refuse to serve tap water? If their tap water isn't good enough to serve, then it's not good enough to cook pasta.

          1. re: Bellachefa

            I used to go to the panino on Franklin street, (closed now) never had an issue getting regular water. Franky D must really be losing it.

            1. re: Bellachefa

              So they can sell you bottled water. It's a straight-up, shameless gouge.


              1. re: MC Slim JB

                like I said, if the waters good enough to cook your pasta it's good enough to drink. Never have I experienced the refusal of house water, whether it's tap, filtered or from a 5 gallon spring bottle. I'm tempted to go there and create a scene! LOL!

                1. re: Bellachefa

                  I'll do it for you if they pull that at Bricco. Will let you know how it goes...

                  1. re: Gabatta

                    They probably won't. The Il Panino people gave me the excuse, and it's a few years now so don't quote me, but something like that the kitchen is so small, that they can't get to the tap because it's only used for cooking? Some malarkey like that. But the point is that the excuse had to do with that specific location, not the restaurant group.

                    1. re: Alcachofa

                      Quattro, another Frank D venture (which I've liked on a few sandwiches) gave us tap water with no issue.

                      AFAIK, it's only Il Panino on Parmenter that has had the issue

                  2. re: Bellachefa

                    or maybe ask for a glass of ice and take it to the restroom!

            2. My recent (Sept 18) convenient, corporate dinner was fine for out of town guests not focused on food - it was full, loud, and on Hanover St - the waiter was annoying, the food was fine, and everything was really expensive.

              I really liked the fresh (warm, even) olive ciabatta I picked up ($6 or $7 but really large) at their bakery in the alley to take home, but the thinly sliced bread they served the table was REALLY stale (the EVOO was really good) if it even originated in the same bakery.

              My osso bucco (about $40!) was very rich and tender but not amazing in terms of the cut or the cooking. The risotto Milanese was also fine.

              The bread pudding for dessert was huge, dense, and gloppy - a distant cry from one of the most amazing desserts I have had, which was their White Chocolate Bread Pudding, circa 2006.

              If I am paying these rates in the North End, I will be heading to Mamma Maria (quieter) or Prezza (louder) next time.

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              1. re: rlh

                Sounds about on par with what I remember and expect. It's a bummer that the bread wasn't even good. It will be good to catch up with friends and at least they have an full bar!

                1. re: Gabatta

                  Unless you are big fan of sweet drinks and flavored vodka, I would keep the bar orders really simple or specify exactly what you want with the bartender - after seeing a couple of cocktails going by to other tables - I stuck with wine (and liked the Falanghina by the glass quite a lot, actually).

                  1. re: rlh

                    Sounds like a straight alcohol on the rocks kind of night.

                2. re: rlh

                  Next time you are picking up a loaf from the bakery, try the prosciutto and parm one. Too good, especially when still warm.