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Oct 8, 2013 12:37 PM

Between Alma, Bestia, Providence & Hinoki and the Bird, which would blow a vegetarian foodie's socks off...

from pure deliciousness (even if it's only one entree, one app, one dessert, but they're just so insanely yummy!). Looking for "quality" ... that "omg-that-is-one-of the-most-frickin'-amazing-things-I've-ever-tasted" rather than "quantity," like "hey, there's a lot of pretty good things you can eat here!"

Open to other places too that have the "Holy-F-- ... what was that?" factor in any of their vegetarian menu items.

TIA veggie or veggie-friendly hounds (or just that have gone back again and again and ordered everything on the menu -- I've got love for you too!)

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  1. can't really help you, but have you tried getting a reservation at either Alma or Bestia lately? that might narrow your choices down a bit.

    1. My son had the Providence vegetarian tasting menu and he said it was the best meal he'd ever had, They will tailor the meal just for you. Call ahead and tell them what you will and won't eat. It's that easy.

      1. The best all veggie meal I've had in L.A. is LE COMPTOIR, hands down. It's a symphony on a plate. Chef Gary will be moving out of The Wine Vault in Glendale to more permanent digs, so his last dinner will be October 26 until he opens again.

        Also suggest RUSTIC CANYON, now that Jeremy Fox is at the helm. He was the chef at the all veg Ubuntu in Napa where he won F&W's Best New Chef. His veggie dishes are off the hook.

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          Great suggestions; thank you! I was at Le Comptoir when it was downtown and it was delicious, although a little bit simplistic in places (is he still doing the intimidating massive spear of grilled ... is it leek?). Thanks for the Rustic Canyon suggestion. I hadn't realized that there was a new menu/chef. It's a terrific tip!

        2. Definitely would do Rustic canyon over Le comptoir, alma, providence for vegetarian. With Jeremy Fox, the food is so good, you don't remember if they were vegetarian or not. I don't think any of these other places can do that. Although Gary Menes' vegetarian tasting at Test Kitchen years ago was epic.

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            peppermonkey, have you had the vegetarian menu at LE COMPTOIR?

            I should have stated that LE COMPTOIR is a prix fixe tasting menu only. So if you want a la carte plates, I'd agree with RUSTIC CANYON over LE COMPTOIR.

            However, note that Chef Gary's menu is developed as vegetarian first, with meat added as a supplement. It's a vegetarian experience. Chef Fox has only small plates and sides as veggies. There is no veggie big plate at RUSTIC CANYON currently.

            So if you want a vegetarian tasting menu with a menu composed as vegetarian menu, LE COMPTOIR is your destination. If you want small plates, RUSTIC CANYON is the place.

            Point is, both chefs are inspired by creating a great veggie dish.

            I will say that my favorite veggie dish of this year and last is Alma's sunchoke soup with egg yolk, chicory, and dates.

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              Yeah i've loved gary's food since palate, then my favorite of his was at marche, then test kitchen and le comptoir a few times. It is a different experience but his style is to do less with the vegetables. Cook them to their optimal sweetness and let them speak for themselves. I love his soups. Jeremy Fox is doing something completely different. There's just so much more flavor and complexity is his veg dishes. Combining flavors and ingredients like a wizard. Creative

              1. re: peppermonkey

                Ah, Marche. Almost forgot. Thanks for the reminder. That was great.

          2. I'd put Melisse and n/naka on that list. They both have stunning vegetarian menus.

            Providence is terrific

            I've had dates who had the vegetarian menus. Not being a vegetarian I find 99% of vegetarian fare to be dull, bordering on gruel. But from what I have sampled at the above restaurants is pretty great.

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