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Oct 8, 2013 11:51 AM

Your Favorite Nut-Heavy Dishes

I've always admired the Chinese or Chinese-American use of nuts in dishes. Cashew pork, walnut chicken, almond beef--absolutely love 'em. Even more than pasta with pesto, these are my favorite nut-heavy dishes.

And yours?

*For the purposes of this thread, "nut" is not defined biologically (cashews are not nuts) but by how a given entity functions as food (cashews are nuts).

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  1. Easy.... pecan pie :)

    ... Baklava...

    And any well-made nut-based ice cream

    1. chicken salad (for sandwiches), Poached chicken, garlic salt, diced scallions, mayonnaise, and tons of toasted slivered almonds.

      Cocktail nuts. Rosemary, brown sugar, butter and cayenne, roasted on almonds. (can you guess my favorite nut?)

      Wine poached pears, stuffed with blue cheese, dried cranberries and tons of toasted pistachios.

      1. Pecan crusted catfish. Cashew satay.

        1. Cashew crusted chicken with extra cashews.

          1. Coffee cakes with a liberal layer of ground walnut/brown sugar blend.

            A Slovakian/Austrian/Czech nut roll (a rolled cake layered with a ground nut and apple sauce and rolled up).

            Sticky buns with lots of walnuts or pecans.

            Chocolate chip cookies with walnuts. Actually, any cookies that has nuts!