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Oct 8, 2013 11:13 AM

I don't understand

why bagel with butter is $1.25 and crepe with sugar is $8.

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    1. After making crepes for the first time last week, I don't know either.

      1. I don't get what you're asking? Did you experience this somewhere? Was it a single housemade bagel compared to a single housemade crepe? I don't get it. You're asking why there are different prices for different items? Maybe there's a good reason, maybe a bad reason, but it's a random question without a little more detail.

        1. It's the butter, lots and lots of butter!

          1. At my diners, a bagel is thawed in the microwave and served with a pat or two of margarine.

            A crepe is usually from a restaurant and made to order. For about half what it costs you. Add the Grand Marnier, fruit, ice cream, etc. and we are now in the $12 range. For dessert.

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              why do you go to diners like that? seriously...

              1. re: Monica

                Central Florida. I never order the bagels for that reason. It is all about biscuits and gravy. With snotty eggs on top.

                Liver and Onions on the menu and the special Thursday night. And they make their pastry in house.