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Oct 8, 2013 11:06 AM

midtown east lunch this Friday

Hello Hounds- I'm looking for a place in the East 40s for a nice lunch on Friday. It should be relatively close to 44th and 2nd Ave. My lunch date has some health issues and has requested anything that feels "clean." So, no heavy sauces or major indulgence going on, but should still be a lovely meal. No booze, so that's not an issue. $25-30 pp all inclusive, max. Thanks!

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  1. If you guys like Japanese, I highly recommend Soba Totto. or sakagura. Soba totto for lunch is better than Sakagura in my opinion.

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    1. re: Monica

      Japanese is a good idea - I'd also look at Aburiya Kinnosuke. They have some very good lunch specials that are in the $15 range.

      1. re: lexismore

        Aburiya Kinnosuke is a great recommendation but the place varies too much from day to day...some days are amazing and other times, ehhh...Soba totto is always reliable from my experience.

        1. re: Monica

          Interesting - I've only been twice, but both times were great. I guess I've been lucky.

          What kind of bad experiences have you had there?

          1. re: lexismore

            First of all , their service sucks all the time while service at soba totto has been always nice. I usually order the same thing at aburiya but the quality of food varied too much in my experience.

    2. Dock's for seafood. The Palm for steak.

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        You're not going to get out of either Dock's or The Palm for "$25-30 pp all inclusive, max."
        You might look at Zengo (Third and 40th) if that's not too far. Some good main salads and "build your own bento boxes." Gorgeous modern room.

      2. Avra or Ammos for grilled fish.

        1. Japanese: Onya (47th, bet, 3rd and Lexington) and Donburiya (47th bet. 3rd and Lex.)

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          1. re: RCC

            Thank you all! We were planning on Soba Totto, but my lunch companion got sick and had to cancel. I'm looking forward to trying it soon!