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Two people - One Pork Loin on Sale

Every now and then the grocer has a huge pork loin ridiculously cheap. But what to do when it is only two of you?

1: Slice off a couple of cutlets and grill with just salt and pepper.

2: Slice of a few more cutlets and freeze that with a roast size loin

3: Make slow cooked pulled pork with loin and make sandwiches with cole slaw mix dressed with apples, celery and fennel.

4: This is gross but delicious, layer finely sliced potatoes, onion and leftover pulled pork and top with a can of mushroom soup and a pour of milk and bake. It is junk food at its best. All the spices of the pulled pork merge with the potato and onion and milk and condenced soup.

And you?

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  1. I wasn't aware that pork loin, versus pork TENDERloin, was an appropriate meat for slow cooking. Little or no fat.

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      Don't know. I wasn't in the mood for a pork roast, so threw together a dry rub including smoked salt, and let it hang in a pan covered tightly with foil in a 275 degree oven for a few hours. Plenty of liquid when I pulled it out and pulled the pork with two forks.

      1. re: Bellachefa

        Plenty of liquid in the pan = dry meat.

      2. re: c oliver

        It works fine. My Dad does it all the time with the residual heat in his pizza oven.

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          I haven't had good results with pork loin in the slow cooker. I prefer to go the cutlet route and grill or cook in my CI skillet.

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            I don't think either cut works well w/ slow cooking. Not enough fat or connective tissue.

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              chowser, I was clearly having a senior moment! Or maybe just visions of the pork shoulder we recently smoked are still dancing in my head. Agree that neither would be my choice.

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                Pork shoulder. Now we're talking!

              2. re: chowser

                I agree. It's better for dry high heat, otherwise it's so dry.

                Shoulder is a better braising cut.

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                Pork Loin is great slow cooked.....in the oven dry roasted on a rack. @ 225*. For my tastes, it is not a preferred cut to be braised regardless of recipe....instead, pork shoulder is preferred.

              4. I also cut some thin slices and pounded them even thinner for Pork Milanese.

                1. Use left overs for sandwiches and pork fried rice.

                  1. I would do Marcella Hazan's pork loin in vinegar and Bay leaves with a big chunk of it, then turn the leftovers into pulled pork sandwiches with a homemade BBQ sauce, using the vinegar left in the pan.

                    1. I do not slow cook pork loin because it is so lean but I buy the absurdly large but cheap shoulder cuts now and then even though there are just two of us. I make pulled pork and freeze it in two person bags (juice separately to help reheat it). It can be used for sandwiches with or without BBQ sauce, pork fried rice, pork tacos, etc. It is pretty easy to get rid of the fat after cooking if that bothers you.

                      1. I really don't understand the need for posters to tell me that my pork loin oven baked pulled pork was not juicy and delicious? I started this thread with good natured intent and now some want to argue. I never said I smoked a proper pulled pork, I merely shared some ways I've enjoyed a nice and affordable loin of pork.

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                          There's no disputing that you completely enjoyed your pulled pork loin and your potato pulled pork casserole and it's awesome that you've found ways to prepare it that you enjoy. People chime in on their own experiences, which is the nature of a message board. It's really no different from reviews on a recipe--different opinions aren't arguments. There's no argument when it comes to personal opinion. You loved your dinners and shared your experience, as did others.

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                            Some posters on this board always say a pork loin should not be slow cooked. But I still cook mine in the crockpot anyway and am perfectly happy with the way it turns out:-)

                          2. I grind some up and make Dan Dan noodles with it. I cut mine into 3 pieces - one section for thick cut pork chops, one for a pork roast, one I grind and freeze in 1lb paks for Dan Dan noodles. Leftover pork roast is used to make cuban sandwiches.

                            1. Good thoughts. There is also pork loin braised in milk which is delicious. Here are a couple of threads on the topic: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/293665

                              I really need to make this again soon, it has been too long!

                              1. Hey, I love all of your ideas!!!

                                1. When we buy the whole loins, we usually cut in in thirds like someone else suggested. One third for a roast that we stuff. Usually apples, raisins, bread and spices. Second third for chops or cutlets. Last third, for burrito meat or I grind it for meatballs. You can brine the pork to make sure you always get a moist finished product. Do not brine for meatballs or burrito filling. Depending on the store you shop at, the butcher can cut and wrap your pork for freezing. They usually do not charge to do it.

                                  1. I though, by the title, that this thread was going to document a scuffle in the meat section. LOL.

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                                        I'm glad that put a smile on your face after all this because I thought it was pretty hilarious myself.

                                        Thanks for the laugh RedTop.

                                    1. Slice ultra thin for pork scallopini, scrapple,brined and breaded pork cutlets, cure and smoke for smoked park cutlets, pork stew, pork jambalaya, Cuban sandwiches.

                                      1. Pork loin CAN be slow-cooked and pulled, but I've found the trick to avoid it coming out ridiculously dry is to mix some of the cooking liquid plus some barbecue sauce in after it's been pulled. This is a way to achieve low-fat pulled pork. No, it's not like genuine Southern Barbecue, but it works okay on a weekday sitting in the slow cooker while you're at work.

                                        1. Pass - I have only the freezer over the fridge and while it's good-sized, a pork loin fills it to the point that no other meat can fit. Even cut into 4 parts. Did that once, and won't repeat the mistake despite the delicious meals (chops, stews, pulled pork, stir fries). It just takes too dang long for 2 people to get through an entire loin.

                                          1. I just picked up a big pork loin very affordably - could not resist it I will cut into

                                            Thick chops for a dinner this week


                                            Thin chops for a scallopini style recipe
                                            Cubes for kabob or stew
                                            1 med size roast