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Oct 8, 2013 09:39 AM

Johnsonville Four Cheese Italian Sausage

Found it once at Randall's. Anyone seen it?

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  1. I volunteer at the food bank a lot and when I see it come through it usually has Walmart stickers on it. Not that I endorse buying meat at Walmart...

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    1. re: sqwertz

      Thanks Steve. I found them at the second WlaMart I checked.

    2. i've bought these at the parker/mcneil HEB. sometimes they have them on sale or a coupon and i throw a few packages in the freezer.

      1. the crimped end Johnsonville brats are unbeatable in my book after simmering in beer and onions and browned over coals, but I've not had these four cheese boys. Let us know what we're missing?????