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Oct 8, 2013 08:15 AM

Dinner tomorrow on north shore. Suggestions please

We are going to NO and will stop on the Northshore for the night. What is good, besides Dakota?

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  1. I think the reigning champ is still La Provence. In less august categories, there is an Acem Oyster Houe on Boston Street in Covington and it has never failed to give me a headache when I've resorted to it. there is also a Chimes out on the main road which is Big and Loud but it always has good oysters and it has innofensive RB&R, an etouffee that leaves people satisfied and perfectly decent fried stuff (all in peanut oil).
    Take an ice chest and stop in Slidell on Gausse Boulevard at Armond's meat market. Better headcheese than you can find in New Orleans...or anywhere, really.

    1. Dakota, La Provance, Del Porto, Cafe Lynn (everyone-but me-raves about it), Gio's Villa (Italian) Nuvolari's, Kieth Youngs, Steakhouse

      If you want specific food the list changes but the above places are the better ones.

      1. result...

        For reasons we went to Caesar's in Mandeville. It was the best two meals this year, or perhaps many years.

        Been to many of the big names in NO, Mosca's; CP, Pelican club, Delmonico, NOLA, Emeril's, Mr. B's, Irene's, Casey's, Herbsaint, and even La Ruth's in the day. This place was up with the best.

        Grouper was great, Veal was very nice, pasta, bright and flavorful, and the bread to die for. Overall, the flavors were correct, and on point.