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Oct 8, 2013 07:07 AM

Vinegar marinated mushroom recipe without oil ala Trader Joes

I love the garlic marinated mushrooms at Trader Joe's and it seems they would be ridiculously easy to make at home but I don't have much experience so thought I'd gather some of your thoughts in case it's more difficult than simply mixing vinegar and herbs and pouring it over mushrooms. Any tips for marinated mushrooms without oil?

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  1. why no oil? it's traditionally part of something like this...

    you will need to cook the mushrooms before in either oil or butter at the very least...

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      Not necessarily, if you were to follow a canning recipe they might be cold packed since the heat of the canning process would cook them some. Otherwise they'd be cooked briefly in the canning liquid and then transferred to the jar and processed.

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        Here's one without oil... I don't know what the seasonings are in the TJ jar, you'll have to check the back. You can "can" them in canning jars in a large pot as long as the water covers the jar by 1". If you don't want to hot water bath can them keep them in the fridge.

        Punk Domestics probably has some links for more.

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          I want them without oil. The TJs don't include oil so someone thought of the idea other than me :)

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            i don't can anything, so sorry i can't help with that.

            i have quick pickled stuff and heat the vinegar with spices to boiling before pouring over the vegetables.

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              I probably will just make reasonable sized batches and store in the fridge. I've done it with onions so I imagine it's pretty similar.

        2. I too love those and I always wondered the same thing. What if you heat up the vinegar and herbs, then pour it over the mushrooms, might penetrate easier and slightly soften the shrooms...

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          1. I made a batch yesterday and they came out really well. I saved the liquid from my last jar of TJ's so I could approximate the flavor. I used white wine vinegar, water, kosher salt and sliced fresh garlic. The TJ's mushrooms use red wine vinegar, but I only had white and it worked out fine. Basically I just added water to the vinegar until it seemed about the right level of sourness, added some kosher salt and several cloves of sliced garlic. Then I added quartered white button mushrooms and simmered it for about five minutes on the stovetop and put it in a jar to cool.

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              Ooh I never tried this but need to, those TJs mushrooms are expensive!

              1. re: fldhkybnva

                They are - especially since for me, one jar=one serving. :) Definitely do try it!

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                    I just looked at the jar, it says one jar is approximately 8 servings. Who are they kidding?!

                    1. re: gmm

                      Yea, it has been ignored since my first jar. I have so many of those jars around it's embarrassing.