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Old Quebec first time

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We'd love some advice on must try places. Particularly on the look out for my latest obsession, rare and elusive in Boston, kouign amann. Almond croissants are a must too. Would also appreciate casual dinner recommendations.

Merci from Massachusetts

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  1. For kouign amann, the only place that come to my mind is Le Croquembouche : http://www.lecroquembouche.com/. It's not in the area associate to Old Quebec, but downtown. Its a great bakery.

    The Old Quebec is a very touristic part of the town where i dont hang out very much. So any recommandations i can make for casual dinners would be outside the historic walls as well.

    To discover good nature wines and french cuisine with a local twist, try Le Moine échanson : http://www.lemoineechanson.com/

    For a bistro experience, Le Clocher penché (great wine list too) : http://www.clocherpenche.ca/

    You might also take a look at Le Bouchon (Pied bleu), very casual and fun, food is traditional bouchon lyonnais : http://bouchonquebec.wordpress.com/

    I am not a big fan, but a lot of people like L'Affaire est ketchup and Patente et machin : http://www.laffaireestketchup.net/; https://www.facebook.com/Patente.et.M...

    Good ramen and some izakaya type of plate at Hosaka-Ya Ramen (no reservation) : http://www.hosaka-ya.com/01ramen/rame...

    Bon séjour à Québec!

    1. Almond croissants can easily be found at Paillard, in the old city, along with other breakfast goodies (chocolate and regular croissants, turnovers, etc. ) I don't think they have kouign amann though.

      1. many thanks to both of you. I have a feeling we won't go hungry!