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Oct 7, 2013 11:47 PM

Homemade Mayonnaise

I just tried to make mayonnaise for the first time. The first try, i used virgin olive oil. The consistency was great, but It tasted like straight olive oil. So I did some research, and dug around my pantry and found some grapeseed oil. I read that grapeseed oil is light and a neutral so it wont take over the flavor. On the second batch, I tried that, and it still tasted "oily". Like a bitter bite in the end, not pleasant at all. Is that what homemade mayo is supposed to taste like?? Or does it taste similar to its grocery store counterpart? Everyone says once you make it homemade, you wont want to buy it again, so I'm hoping I can figure out the problem.

The recipe I used called for:
1/2 cup oil
Juice of half a lemon
2 Egg yolks
Pinch of salt and pepper to taste

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  1. Oil is the dominate ingredient in the list - so yes, the taste the oil will be strong. Store bought uses soybean or other flavorless oil, so most of the flavor will come from the lemon and spices (s&p etc).

    1. Maybe the oil was old and rancid?

      1. Bitter is usually a sign of rancidity in a fairly neutral oil like grapeseed. Your egg yolk to oil ratio is really high as well, though I doubt that would contribute to bitterness, but using less and emulsifying the mixture more thoroughly might contribute to less of an "oily" feel. Try taking a look at this recipe and information from Kenji at Serious Eats as well.

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            Because of this thread I wound up looking at this and then clicked through to the homemade recipe, which calls for canola oil and just a yolk. I remembered that I had some white fish in the fridge so I just went ahead and made it - took me like 2 minutes and was delish. Way easier/more successful than any of the recipes I've tried in the past. I went out this morning to get some bacon to use more of the mayo up on BLTs. yummmmmm.

            1. re: kazhound

              next time, put some bacon fat in the mayo. :)

        1. I tend to use a mild/light olive oil for mayonaise - have had good results with Fillipo Berio Mild and Light - I think Bertolli markets something similar.

          Other than that, try canola or sunflower, or a blend, until you find something you like. If you're trying to recreate a flavour close to a commercial brand, pick up a jar next time you're in the store and check the label for the type of oil used.

          1. It's the oil, we made the same mistake and use Olive oil...awful. We then used a standard veggie oil (canola) and it was very good. FYI it only stays good for about 5 days.