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Oct 7, 2013 08:56 PM

Sutton Area Suggestions

Can anyone recommend some moderately priced restaurants in this area? Prefer French, American/Continental, Italian, or Spanish/Tapas in that order. Thanks very much!

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  1. Did you mean Sutton Place, 1st Ave and the high 50s? Not exactly known as a food hot spot.

    It's also hard to give recommendations without knowing how far you're willing to travel out of the neighborhood (going west?) or what "reasonable" means to you.

    Some ideas from last year:

      1. How about trying out Sofrito-E 57th and 1st

        1. Jubilee, on First Ave, is a good enough option for mussels and frites or roast chicken with good mashed potatoes. PJ Clarke's for burgers, and good onion rings. Sichuan something (they keep changing their name) on 2d Avenue and 56th is good. Land of Plenty on 58th. Sip Sak on 2d Avenue is very good Turkish. Yama on 49th off of First is fine for simple sushi. Le Relais de Venise, on 2d Avenue, for steak frites. Good luck.

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            Thanks very much! Jubilee looks good, as does The Smith. I've been to Relais but they don't take reservations which could be an issue as my party needs to be somewhere at 10-

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              +1 for Sip Sak- it seems to be off the radar but a great casual dinner option

            2. Marche du sud, la mangiore, bistro vendome, cafe joul, le perigord,