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Oct 7, 2013 06:29 PM

Best way to use up non-Dutch processed cocoa?

My dad and stepmom got me a GIANT bag of Callebaut dutch process cocoa for my birthday this year. I've barely made a dent in it, and on top of it I have a half-used container of regular cocoa from Trader Joe's that I used to use when a recipe called for a large quantity of cocoa and I didn't want to use the expensive stuff. Now that I have so much of the good stuff, I want to get rid of the TJ's cocoa. What's the best way to use up cocoa that is not Dutch process? I know that some recipes specifically call for this type.

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  1. Make vegan dessert: Ripe avocado/sugar/cocoa powder/coconut milk or almond milk -- blenderize the whole thing and place in dessert cups. Chill for at least four hours and serve. Whipped cream ( vegan or non vegan) may be added. Very simple and delicious dessert.

    1. iced blended mocha:

      room temp coffee
      cocoa powder
      blend these 3 ingredients first because they are all room temp.

      add soy milk and ice cubes to the mix and blend again until the whole thing is like a slushy.

      if you don't like coffee, you can make it using all soy milk.

      1. Is this the the TJ with the cake recipe on the box? I just made that cake (with some modifications) and liked it.

        1. Most recipes use non-dutch cocoa when they call for cocoa. You can use non-dutch in recipes that call for dutch processed but not necessarily vice versa. I prefer non-dutched cocoa in my baked goods. You don't get the same dark color but I think you get a richer chocolate flavor. A quick easy go to cake for me is the Hershey black magic cake:

          Man catcher brownies uses two cups of cocoa:

          1. This cake recipe posted by Candy is excellent. If you're familiar with Candy's posts you won't hesitate to bake this cake. She's a fabulous cook.