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Oct 7, 2013 05:52 PM

chinese restaurant recos for mom's birthday?

hi, i'm looking for recos for a group of 10. a good set menu will help us reduce the time to order! mom loves to discover new chinese restaurants. she's from beijing, lived in shanghai and hong kong, so enjoys all those styles. closer in to toronto would be preferable. we usually would go to congee wong at finch and leslie or asian legend there, but would love to try someplace new. nothing fancy or expensive, just great food at a reasonable price. thanks chowhounders!

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    1. re: crank

      I haven't tried everything on the menu. However the dumplings, pork with garlic sauce, stir fried rice cakes, scallion pancake, pot stickers, all the popular northern Chinese items are solid.
      There is not much of a décor there though and if memory serves there are only 1 or 2 tables that could fit 10 people. It is a small place.
      The prices are very reasonable.

    2. Northern Dumpling Kitchen is a great venue for lunches since they have one of the best and tastiest array of Northern style Dim Sums ( Pot stickers, Xiao Lung Bao, Pancakes, wraps, noodles...etc ). However, I do find the 'entree' food a little bit too casual and unadventurous for a larger group, especially a gathering to celebrate a birthday. As such, I would suggest 'Golden Shanghai' on 14th and Kennedy. Equally good, if not better Shanghainese fare than NDK, there are some really excellent dishes which the chef, who once worked at one of Hong Kong's iconic Shanghainese Restaurant 'Big Shanghai' in TST, brought over to Toronto with him. ( If your Mom once lived in Hong Kong, she should heard of the place! )
      I have eaten at Golden Shanghai a number of times but unfortunately managed to post only once:

      However, I do have a few additional photos which I am attaching for your review. They include Shanghainese marinated Free range chicken, Shanghainese Head cheese, Shanghainese Smoked Pomfret, Sauteed Sole filet with Chinese rice wine and wood fungus, Dan Dan Noodles, XLB, Aromatic Crispy Duck, Stirred fry baby Bamboo-shoots with Peashoots,....etc. If you by chance read Chinese, I'm attaching a couple of 'Specials' menu.

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      1. re: Charles Yu

        Good value set dinner - very fair restaurant at kennedy and sheppard. Good set dinner with peking duck. Cheapest lobster deal in town. $10 a pound for lobster 3 way. You can get lobster roe fried rice. Not fine dining but good value for family dining.
        A little pricier -judy's cuisine at times square.

        1. re: caitlink

          thanks caitlink! we've been to very fair and i found the service and food to be somewhat inconsistent. the size and crowds speak to its good value though! i have read about judy's cuisine but have never been and will check it out.

        2. re: Charles Yu

          thank you, charles! that all sounds - and looks - delicious! we don't often go out for shanghai food, so mom should be happy!

          1. re: Charles Yu

            I would've given the same reply here, pretty much. NDK is one of my favourite places around, but not a good fit for a birthday/large group. Great for casual dinners though.

            Golden Shanghai is my pick too as the dishes I've tried have been pretty great. The room has the size/look of Sun Star just more spacious and pleasant. I'll also note the dandan noodles, stir fried pea shoots, and those butter fried prawns as must-orders. Haven't tried the head cheese here but 369's version was memorable in the past (along with their beef tendon cubes in chilis, etc). Just keep in mind that the parking lot here can be an absolute pain, since there's that other large resto (Fancy Chinese Cuisine) in the plaza that can get crazy packed.

            1. re: Chester Eleganté

              Great reminder about the parking issue, CE! Could be a real pain indeed!!

              1. re: Charles Yu

                Thanks for the tip(s). I'm leaning toward Golden Shanghai because my mom and cousin don't often get to eat Shanghainese. But since my sister's family isn't quite as adventurous, I'm also considering Judy Cuisine.