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Oct 7, 2013 05:38 PM

Two Hainan Chicken Specialists In The Same Shopping Center (Almost)

If you drive on the 19200 block of Colima Road in Rowland Heights you will see what looks like a gigantic strip center on the north side of the street. Indeed, there's a single sidewalk that fronts all of the various stores. It's only when you drive from one end to the other that there's a curb stopping you and you have to drive onto Colima to get the the rest of the stores. The fact that these are two separate properties is the only reason I could think of why two Hainan Chicken restaurants would be in such proximity. In one corner is Hainan Chicken, a small restaurant with a relatively sparse menu highlighted by various offshoots of Hainan chicken, plus a few other dishes. In the other corner is Yes Man Chan, a larger restaurant with a much larger menu of Chinese items, but which highlights the Hainan chicken choices at the start of the menu, as well as other points in the menu. For those wanting to have a Hainan chicken taste off, this is your chance. Hainan Chicken is at 19255 Colima Road, Yes Man Chan is at 19209 Colima Road, #F.

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  1. or make one trip to singapore.. and ruin hainan chicken in socal for yourself.


    jk.. (or not?)

    will try soon


    Holy crap i just did some quick googling, and realized that Yes Man Chan was a former "the noodle island" that used to have three locations in the past. Some of the food is quite similar as well! I'm really hoping that the owner and chef are the same, I miss those shops. (and also miss red ant cafe and luk something something)

    The old locations were (just for my own memory i guess):

    San Gabriel - On Las Tunas where Emperor Noodles is currently. Also housed Lao Bian Dumpling.

    Monterey Park - On Garvey Behind the BofA where Farm Cuisine is currently. Also housed Ace Kitchen and Cue-T's.

    Arcadia - Where Lu's Garden is currently on Baldwin. Housed a few restaurants but I cannot recall all the names.

    Those three restaurants had some pretty solid (but limited) cantonese food, but they seemed to have location and/or service issues. I hope yes man chan will hold up well, I'll definitely visit soon.

    Thank u.

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      I was going to check that out later. Thanks for saving me the trouble. I noticed the herbal chicken on the Yes Man Chan menu. Also there was the second San Gabriel location where One on One is today.

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        Wait, is this the same Noodle Island with the Ancient Chicken Noodle Soup too?

        As a former Singapore dweller, Noodle Island's Hainan Chicken was legit (Yet Con in Sing is my fave, but that's a debate for another decade). Liked the chicken soup too. Was sad to see them close.

        RH is definitely not around the corner, but would do the haul as that Hainan Chicken was some of the best in SoCal.

        1. re: revets2

          Yes that should be the one.

          my parents often brought back the chicken rice and noodle soup for dinner as they passed by one of their shops on the way home. It was quite nice.

          I'll try to visit this weekend, I want to see if it's the same food.

          Haven't tried yet con, will add it to my sg list. I'm always overwhelmed in sg, never have enough time there.

          1. re: blimpbinge

            Definitely get to Yet Con if you get back. The chef is noticeably aging with every visit back (aren't we all?). Not sure if they'll close or if it will be the same when he retires. It's old school, for sure. Like Tian Tian too, but it's more of a riff on the traditional.

            Please report back if you go. Thanks!

          2. re: revets2

            Apparently they've been hiding in plain sight for almost two years.

        2. I believe that Hainan Chicken is the reincarnation of the Hainan Chicken aka O'Shan Bistro on Las Tunas that eventually became Taipei Bistro

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            Irish Hainan Chicken Rice... Aye begorra, Daoist Saints be praised.

            1. re: J.L.

              Evoking memories of that great Rowland Heights Chinese restaurant, O'Toole's Roadhouse.

              1. re: Chandavkl

                It's as Irish as Shaquille O'Neal.

          2. Man Chan has been around for a while. Recommend ordering the dark meat option. Closet thing to the real thing from Singapore...I say 25% authentic ;-)

            that reminds me...need to open a Hainan Chicken Rice + Char Kway Teow place in SM.

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            1. re: dreamcast18

              Hokkien mee too, since we're daydreaming here...