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Oct 7, 2013 05:28 PM

Great find for Up North diners in Walloon Lake Village

Went to the relatively new Barrel Back restaurant in Walloon Lake Village last week. A beautiful day to be on the lake from the second floor of the WL Marina. I have never been so impressed by the "space" of a restaurant -glorious views, giant glass rolling doors, which can open in temperate weather, central fireplace, outside balcony.
Reasonable prices for eclectic fare- tostadas of BBQ pork, personal pizzas, unique sandwiches. Nice not to have to go to Traverse for a new dining experience.

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  1. I'll second that. We had a great casual dinner on the patio a few weeks back & enjoyed the sunset views. The dining room was quite noisy when full but the space is really cool.

    1. I forwarded this to a friend of mine who lives up there. He replied that he knows the chef and his wife. The chef used to be the chef at the Bay Harbor Yacht Club.