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Oct 7, 2013 05:23 PM

Crazy casserole idea

I made the America's Test Kitchen roast chicken - the best! (long) a while back

and was was very pleased. Maybe someone listening is familiar with it.

The simple preparation for the sliced potatoes created the most delicious consistency and texture (scalloped?) that I want to duplicate for a casserole.

I have an idea for several other ingredients I want to use and I searched for a recipe/technique to fundamentally match without success, to see if someone else agreed and to get tips, and to make sure that what I want to do makes sense before I waste my time making something disappointing.

Along with the potatoes (Idaho?) I want to add eggplant with some smokiness and meaty texture, cheese, tomatoes, onions, various roasted chili peppers (amarillo, anaheim, jalapeno), maybe bell peppers as well (too much?), bacon/sausage (optional).

There are a lot of opinions on how to handle eggplant, salting beforehand, cooking methods, etc. That's a major concern for me in a preparation like this.

I also have canned tomatoes and paste I can use, so I wondering about amounts of liquid that should be added. Also possible additions of condensed soup, milk, sour cream, etc.

I know I'm probably over thinking this, but what do you think. Does this combination of ingredients make sense? I would appreciated your opinion.

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  1. Edit edit edit. I think you have far too many ingredients and personally I do not see them together. I think potato dauphinoise( au gratin, scalloped etc...) with a little bacon(or pork product) is all that is needed, perfect in its simplicity. I also love love eggplant caponata with tomatoes, raisins, capers, peppers, cinnamon, vinegar and finished with mint (Mario Batali) lots of variations. My ideal meal would be roast chicken, creamy potatoes, acidic caponata and a bitter green. Whatever you do have fun and experiment, that is how we develop our cooking skills and gain knowledge of combinations we like. So be crazy and try it but please make sure you let us know how it turns out!

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    1. re: Gloriaa

      I agree. Much editing needed.

      Also the cooking techniques for the chicken fat potatoes at very high heat and a casserole with all that stuff are fundamentally very different .

      Maybe try a simple scalloped potato or dauphinoise first and then experiment by adding a limited amount of additional ingredients?

      Saveur had a scalloped potato recipe in its September or October issue

    2. You'll have a soggy mess unless you cut way back on the vegetables and get rid of most of the liquids. Try the ATK potatoes boulangere. If you master that, add one or two (at most) more vegetables to that preparation.

      1. sorry,
        to me, you have a mix/mash of a lot of ingredients that don't go together in terms of flavor, required cooking technique or anything else.

        if you want to make a potato dish, i'd start with any of the simple preparations from THE JOY OF COOKING or any other such cookbook.

        either make a potato dish, or you can use almost all of the other ingredients you have mentioned (without the potato) to make ratatouille.

        my advice would be to pick ONE path: either potato or ratatouille.

        1. Read this piece titled Summer Vegetable Gratins from Fine Cooking. It offers some good advice and a good starting point that you can work from. They feature an eggplant & tomato gratin that you can play with to make it closer to what flavor profile you're looking for. Good luck!

          1. Seems an excess of ingredients to me - many of which, to my mind, don't work with others. It leaves me unsure about what result you intend for the dish and what purpose you intend it to serve.