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Dec 30, 2004 10:12 AM

Texas Honey Ham Company

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New restaurant in Austin. Any feedback?

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  1. It is the home of some of the best tasting grilled sandwiches in town and maybe beyond (It is on Bee Cave toward Westlake Drive and behind the Wells Fargo bank). The operation is half grilled sandwiches (you can get them cold but the hot ones are so good I have never tried them) and half honey glazed hams and turkey breasts. They have a mashed potato casserole that is basically like a twice-baked potato minus the skin (read lots of butter, bacon and cheese) that would be great for a dinner side at home.

    It is not for someone who wants a "light" sandwich for lunch. It is for someone who wants a sandwich that tastes great. They grill the meat, cheese, and the bread on the same grill so everything gets nice and "coated". The Club probably weighs 2/3's of a pound and is my favorite but the Bacon (with L & T), Turkey, and Ham are also very good and they use the same meat in their sandwiches that they sell in half and full hams and smoked breasts at the adjacent cash registers. I served the ham for Thanksgiving and served another ham and some smoked Turkey for the Rose Bowl party I had.

    The folks behind the counter are happy to serve and in good moods, too. It is all good. And their shirts quote Warren Zevon - "Enjoy every sandwich" which is easy to do there.

    1. Wow! This visit was the highlight of my trip through Texas. Something about sitting down to an ice-cold Coca-Cola on a hot summer day really hits the spot. I'm not sure what it is but the coke tastes better here. Maybe it's the ice.

      The tomato soup was a perfect blend of spices and soothing to the soul. The first time I went I had a hot turkey sandwich that melted in my mouth and the bread was definitely home-made. The 2nd time I went I tried the Ham and the 3rd time the club. You really can't go wrong. They have great home-baked cookies too. The potato casserole is hot...not that cold, mustard potato salad. It really does taste like a twice baked potato without the skin.

      Try the Apple Slaw too. I don't like coleslaw, but this stuff was sweet and cleansing to the palate.

      This place may be one of the best kept secrets in Austin. The guys who own the place are also the guys who cook and clean and give great service with a smile. They Cater too.

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