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Oct 7, 2013 04:44 PM

Grease Box, Oakland - anyone tried yet?

Has anyone tried the gluten-free pastries or gluten-free fried chicken at chef Lizzy Boelter’s new Grease Box yet?

Location: 942 Stanford Ave. @Lowell, between Market St. and San Pablo Ave., Oakland (Stanford becomes Powell St. once it hits Emeryville).
Contact via email only, no phone; she also does catering

Breakfast/Lunch/small dinner menu Mon-Sat, closed Sunday
Apparently Luke Tsai gave her a good review when she was doing a mobile cart business, and explains how she came to create the gluten free batter - she has celiac disease.

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  1. I tried the "Cobb" salad with the gluten free fried chicken. She cooks the chicken to order so it took about 15 minutes. The salad was not the usual chopped Cobb,instead larger pieces of little gem lettuce, avocados. bacon, tomatoes, and nicely cooked egg— but it was tasty, with a zingy housemade ranch dressing. The chicken was a bone-in leg that I think was marinated in white wine. Her batter is thin light and crispy, more like fritto misto than typical fried chicken. The sandwiches came out faster than my salad, looked delicious too.