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Oct 7, 2013 04:38 PM

hudson's kitchen

I went on Saturday here are my thoughts

A harvest salad should have something to do with fall. Pick something, anything.

My friends had the mushroom broth which was delicious but the waiter hyped it too much so we expected fabulous and it wasn't. The seared terrine was yummy.

The special was steak and barley risotto, also delicious. Sadly, I chose the trout which was a multiple personality disorder of raisin puree and cauliflower puree. Either would have been better than both.

We ordered all three desserts but the only one worth eating was the ginger one.

So, some hits but mostly just OK.

I was lured by the hype and disapointed that it missed the mark. It is good, but not great.

Service was stellar and wine list lovely.

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  1. Thanks for the review. Seems like the kiss of death is when the servers goes overboard in praising certain dishes. I will keep this on the watch list to see whether there will be improvements down the road.

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    1. re: ragged25

      I agree with your kiss of death comment.

      I actually begin my interaction with a server by asking what they like least on the menu. It will throw their pitch off, and give you a gauge as to how well they really know it.

      1. re: dlw88

        Haha...I do that sometimes too!

        1. re: dlw88

          Don't you think it unfair to the server to put them in an awkward conflict-of-interest situation?

          1. re: Googs

            It's all in the delivery, maybe I should clarify, the odd times I do say it, it's in a joking manner so to speak. When the waitress goes on about how everything is amazing, I would say "Is there anything you don't like??" with a smile!

            Often than not, they would actually be up front and say such and such dish is not their favourite. I find a such a response would give more credibility to his/her recommendations.

            It's not meant to be vicious in any way.

            Moreover, I often would ask them whether they've actually tasted the daily specials especially when they describe it as the best thing in the world. Once again, more often than not, they have not tasted the special themselves.

            Just little things I do to ensure I can judge any recommendation thrown my way.

        1. What is the price point of this joint?
          Their web menu is not very telling.

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          1. re: happycamper

            Sorry this is so late. Price was average for a night out on Saturday.

            1. re: Anita Nap

              Awesome thanks for the detailed answer.

              1. re: szw

                To be honest "szw" I don't remember, but I don't recall thinking it was out of line with other restaurants. By "average" I mean about $100-$150 for two with wine and/or cocktails; but since I don't remember, I didn't want to be specific.

                1. re: Anita Nap

                  I went there shortly after it opened and I thought it was fine, but kinda meh for the prices you are paying.

                  I think we were close to $100 a person with wine and cocktails after tax and tip, and that's just too much for the quality of what you are getting.

                  One and done for me.