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Oct 7, 2013 04:33 PM

Auburn Ale House

Any reports on their beer and food?

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  1. Auburn Ale House is a must-stop for me whenever I'm nearby. The beers are very good; the focus is on pales and IPAs. Fools' Gold and PU240 are particularly good.

    I've only had breakfast here (biscuits and gravy and the skillet are both good, and there's a great beer add-on option), but I've watched the line in the open kitchen and seen plenty of good-looking dishes come out,and both indicate a menu and execution several notches above your typical brewpub. It's also a very nice space.

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      Beer for breakfast, sounds like my kinda' place. Thanks!

    2. have the cheese loaf...amazing

      1. Yep the cheese loaf is outstanding. The food is pretty good with a reasonable price point. Perhaps not quite hound worthy but that is MO. It is damn good and I love the food there....Beer is great with specialty brews and the usual lineup. I love the Coloma Brown. Great room and the servers, especially the usual bartender, are great. live music on the patio on weekends (not always so call).....