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Oct 7, 2013 04:06 PM

Best Hunan Chelsea - north?

Portland (ME) hounds comin' to Manhattan, staying west side 29th. No good (?? how come??) Chinese of any kind in our foodie city, so our annual NYC trip is a chance to re-acquaint ourselves with the good stuff we ate in China. Suggestions?

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  1. Where in China have you eaten? You'll have to venture from Chelsea. Legend is south of you but it is hit or miss and there are better options. Here's some threads to get you started:

    Lan Sheng:

    La vie en Szechuan:

    Hunan Manor:

    Szechuan Gourmet:

    Xian Famous Foods (East Village and Chinatown locations).

    In Chinatown:

    Café Hongkong:

    Noodle Village:

    Old Sichuan:

    Shanghainese in Chinatown:


    Shanghai Café Deluxe:

    Shanghai Heping:

    1. ScoopG is where it's at in terms of posting about Chinese cuisine on this board. As Well as posters 'Lau' and 'AubWah'.

      Beware, a spirited and useful discussion might erupt on this topic amongst the three. And always polite might I add.