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Oct 7, 2013 04:04 PM

Epicurean boards - not a fan

So I picked up a couple of Epicurean boards for the wifey...
Liked the weight, figuered it would be seperates - one for meat, one for veggies/cooked food.

Was using my HD2 on the board.
Noticed small slivers was being cut and released from the board.

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  1. <Noticed small slivers was being cut and released from the board.>

    Hmm, never experience that on my Epicurean boards, but I have not used one for 10 years. So the small silvers are from the boards, not from your knife, right?

    Good to hear about your HD2 knife? You like it? I have a petty knife with HD2.

    1. Yeap. Picked up a beige and a black board. The *black* was for greens and cooked food. Needless to say, I had small black slivers.

      Love my HD2 knife. But knives are subjective, just like the feel of the handle if not the feedback on the cutting surface medium as well ;-)

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        So basically, your HD2 knife is too sharp. :D