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Oct 7, 2013 04:02 PM

Anything new in Queens?

Any new (or old for that matter) restaurants in Queens that's real inviting and good?

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  1. Nothing new and noteworthy comes to mind. On Main St., you still have Sushi Metsuyan (meat) and L'Bella (dairy) for nice sit-down meals. Elite Cafe is also pretty good.

    Union Tpke -- you've got Hapisgah, and further down is Turquoise, if you like fish. Cafe Muscat and Turnpike Cafe are also good.

    Chateau Steakhouse was a real disappointment and has closed. There's no real upscale, fine-dining option.

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    1. re: cb3

      cb3-you got it in a nutshell. No real upscale, fine dining option, and you're right, Chateau was a huge disappointment.

      Re Turquoise, that, I believe, is advertised as a fish restaurant, amazingly, despite the menu, has only two entries available in whole fish, one of which being the ubiquitous Tilapia.

      1. re: robocop

        Are you saying that Turquoise being called a fish restaurant is "amazing"? Is this menu not their current one? There are far more than two listings for "whole fish." And even if not whole fish, the entire menu is fish. I can't even go there with a friend who doesn't eat fish, because other than one pasta dish, there's really nothing for a non-fish eater.

        1. re: queenscook

          Again: A fish restaurant should have an assortment of "whole fish" entries. Despite what the menu shows, all they've had the last three times I went was what I described-Tilapia and one other.

          And there are other non-fish entries-salads, pastas, etc.

          Amazingly, too, there is no soup entry.