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Oct 7, 2013 03:38 PM

Pomegranate juice

I picked up 3 bottles of pomegranate juice today at aldi for a steal! Bolthouse farms brand, 50 cents each.

Any recipe ideas? Baked goods?

Not interested in making molasses, I just bought a bottle for $2.

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  1. I don't know if you're into canning, but I made pomegranate jelly last fall with bottled pure pom juice and molasses. It's very good (yield higher than stated, though).

    Recipe here:

    1. I melt a stick of butter and pour a small bottle of pomegranate juice in. Mix well and baste turkey or chicken with it. Makes the skin really brown and adds a bit of a tang.

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        Would this work with margarine or olive oil?

      2. See any decent Russian cookbook for shashlyk using lamb soaked in pomegranate, garlic, mint &c. The pomegranate without tons of sugar added is better. Unless you are using mutton, you don't need to soak overnight.

        1. Salad dressing, popsicles, frozen jello desserts, smoothies, cocktails, make ahead ice cubes, added to seltzer.

          One large box black cherry or raspberry Jello
          Replace all of the warm water with warmed pom juice
          No cold water
          Instead add 1 pint of frozen vanilla yogurt and stir until the yogurt melts
          Add 1 pint of whole blackberries
          Pour into a freezable mold (I use a bundt pan or a Tupperware plastic ring mold) and freeze until firm.
          Slice and enjoy.

          1. Homemade grenadine:


            Add a bit of vodka to preserve it.