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TOO many grapes and too much jam!

A friend had a bumper crop of reddish-bluish wine grapes so I got a bushel and a half. I've already made enough jam to last a while and the rest of the grapes have been cleaned, cooked and skins and seeds have been sifted. No sugar added yet. What can I do with this raw product besides grape juice or (shudder)~more jam?

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  1. Maybe make a quick bread. You perhaps could use a pumpkin bread recipe, and sub the grape stuff for that? Or use whatever recipe calls for a fruitstuff similar to what you have?

    The bread might be an interesting color, at any rate.

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      Very interesting idea! I love different types of breads and loaves. Also, the color thing got me thinking of halloween treats for friends maybe?

    2. If you hadn't already cooked them I would have said: Roast them. That's right. Just Google for "roast grapes recipes". I've made roasted sausages and grapes, chicken, vegetables, pears/apples/grapes as a condiment. The sky's the limit really. Then there's always chutney. Or a syrupy sauce for grilled or roasted meats or desserts.

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        Too bad I already have. But with this idea, I might just go get some more from my friend with the vines-full. I thought I was sick and tired of seeing grapes but now, I'd like to try that!

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          I've been looking into that as well. A lot of them call for tapioca or gelatin. I'd like to find one as simple as possible but doesn't look too different than blueberry, I have a very picky eater in the house who eyes anything that looks different like it could be downright poison!

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            well, they could eat it or not.. either way, you've accomplished the task (to get rid of grapes)

        2. A search for grape puree recipe found some creative ideas -

          cheesecake with cashews

          mix with garam masala for a sauce

          bake to make fruit "leather"

          freeze with almonds as an ice / sorbet

          give away to young moms for use in homemade baby food

          spoon over cream cheese and spread the combo on crackers as appetizer

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            I'm thinking fruit leather and the cheesecake I'm looking up right now! Thanks!

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              Thanks for the lik, it looks like a nice small "beginner" batch-recipe!

            2. some more thoughts...

              ice cream - grape and vanilla bean; or grape cheesecake; or...pb and grape...

              granola bars or granola

              i like to occasionally add them to chicken salad, not sure how they would be cooked though...

              on a sandwich with brie or taleggio or goat cheese... maybe some toasted pistachios or pecans or almonds or walnuts... some herb depending upon the cheese/nuts

              puree and use in a salad dressing

              i love frozen grapes, but alas, too late for that!

              1. Freeze them in small containers (plain ole ice trays), with added sugar, if desired Then, eat them like popsicles..:local dessert :)

                1. I used to make this slow-braised pork w/ black grapes and balsamic recipe all the time and my family loved it. I haven't made it in a few years but now that I am reminded of it it's the perfect time of year for it.


                  In searching for the above recipe, I came across this one from Food & Wine - pork with grapes and tarragon, and I thought it looked good as well. I love tarragon but don't use it very often:


                  1. Pickled grapes are fantastic in cocktails
                    Spiced grapes marinated in red wine and mulling spices