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Oct 7, 2013 02:38 PM

Santa Rosa Area Restaurant Recommendations

I've looked through the threads re. this topic, but most are relatively old. Wondered about current thoughts/experiences that folks had about dining in this area.

We're there for two days next week reviewing apartment complexes for the future. Staying at the Flamingo Hotel. Any recommendations for lunch/dinner or other foodie stops?
Thanks for your assistance.

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  1. Monti's Rotisserie is right down the street from the Flamingo Hotel in Montgomery Village. Just last week I was back at Betty's Fish & Chips, also very close by, and had great fish and chips. I think others on this board have recommended another f&c option too, but not sure if it's as close by. Picked up two delicious crane melons from the melon barn too. Should still be in season next week I think....

    1. The Sunday brunch buffet at the Flamingo is actually pretty good as far as buffet brunches go.

      Been wanting to try Willie's Wine Bar.

      Pho Vietnam out on Stony Point Rd. is as good as most places in the Bay Area for pho & bun.

      Second Betty's for fish & chips.

        1. Within walking distance:
          Hank's Creekside across 4th St. is good for breakfast.

          Thai Taste is right behind the Flamingo Hotel and offers good lunch and dinner selections.

          And, if you want good coffee or take-out food, try Pearson and Company in the larger shopping center in front of Flamingo.

          Even though Montgomery Village offers many choices, walking up Farmer's Lane (aka Highway 12) isn't so nice because of heavy traffic.

          If you're there Wednesday, Thursday or Friday and are driving, you might want to stop by the Junior College Culinary Cafe for pastry, coffee and lunch (take-out or need reservations to eat-in). Their menu changes daily and, this season, incorporates great produce from JC's Shone Farm.

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            Pearson & Co. has tables for eat-in. The tri-tip sandwich on focaccia was very good and included grilled onions and roasted bell peppers, two of my favorite things. The large chocolate cookie, highly recommended by a customer at the cash register, was one of the best chocolate things I've had; think a cross between a dark chocolate cookie and a meringue.


          2. If you are staying at the Flamingo, you should try Jeffrey's Hillside Cafe for breakfast or lunch. Very good food, upscale coffee shop decor (and menu). It is within walking distance.

            A fun stop for burgers is Gayles down on 4th Street (you would have to drive). Good food, and one of those old fashioned horseshoe counters, kind of a blast from the past. They are open for lunch and dinner, but I think of it as a lunch place.

            I love Bistro 29 downtown on 5th (across from Pederson's Furniture) for dinner. If you are there on a Tues, Wed, or Thurs they have a $29 menu that is very appealing.

            Willi's Wine Bar is way up on the Old Redwood Highway, so in a completely different part of town. I like it very much. Same ownership as Monti's in Montgomery Village (much closer to the Flamingo), but I prefer Willi's, which was the first Stark restaurant, as far as I know.