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Oct 7, 2013 02:19 PM

Savory blue cheese recipes

In honor of this wonderful thread on the merits of blue cheese used in entrees, I thought I'd inquire - what are your favorite savory blue cheese recipes?

My CHOW license might be at risk, but I love a great buttermilk blue cheese sauce or a blue cheese vinaigrette with meat and have also engaged in blue cheese-crusted meats and all sorts of blue cheese stuffed dishes from mushrooms to chicken to pork.

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  1. I use it as dessing for both cole slaw and potato salad.

    1. No recipe really. I like to crumble it into salads, maybe with walnuts and pears.

      1. I like to slice trader joes polenta (comes in a tube) into rounds, bake till almost crispy, top with carmelized onions and blue cheese. Broil till bubbly

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          I could die happy with a big plate of that in front of me.

          I have some terrific stone ground grits that would probably appreciate being topped with those onions and cheese.

        2. mushroom duxelles with bleu cheese, caramelized onions and a smidge of fig jam and those little phyllo cups are great for this. it can also be a "pizza" or flatbread topping, but that works better if you whizz the cheese and fig jam in the food pro first.

          bleu cheese with sliced pears also work like this as do bleu cheese and prosciutto with fresh figs.

          dates or prunes stuffed with bleu cheese and an almond, then wrapped with bacon and baked

          in gougeres

          open-face roast beef sandwiches with bleu cheese that's been whizzed with a bit of horseradish, then topped this with arugula or cress

          1. There's a pork chop with blue cheese sauce recipe on that is delicious.

            A restaurant I went to some time ago had a fettuccine dish with blue cheese, cream and walnuts. I got that each time I went there. Very tasty.