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Oct 7, 2013 02:16 PM

Thanksgiving Throw Down - pie edition

We're having a pie contest this Thanksgiving and, of course, I want to crush the competition. Ideas for the best freaking pie in the world?

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  1. I think the pumpkin pie on the cover of fine cooking looks like the best pumpkin pie ever!!! I am making it for Canadian thanksgiving this WE, will report back if anyone is interested.

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    1. re: Gloriaa

      Please do report back! I'm in charge of sides and desserts so I'd really appreciate a heads up on the pumpkin pie! Thanks! :)

      1. re: Gloriaa

        That one does look amazing with the pumkin and the caramel. I'm dying to try that combo but the filling is cream-cheese based, which isn't my favourite. I'm wondering if a different style of filling would hold up to the caramel coating. (Still pumpkin, of course). I think I'm going to give it a shot.

        1. re: Gloriaa

          Did you make it in the end? I loved the caramel and especially the candied seeds but didn't find the cornmeal crust to be better than a 'regular' pie crust.

          1. re: FrenchSoda

            Yes. I hated the crust, made it twice and both times I had a piece fall down and it was too high. In the end I did not
            Ike the taste of it.The filling looked skimpy. Will make it again, using a regular pie crust and regular pie plate. I think I was worried it was going to be too sweet so probably over salted the caramel. I too really liked the seeds, so easy and delicious.

        2. Although I haven't yet tried it myself, Paul Prudhomme's recipe for Sweet Potato Pecan Pie gets stellar reviews everywhere, if you want to try something other than pure pumpkin. The recipe is all over the internet.

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          1. re: Aravisea

            I wouldn't trust the internet for Paul's recipe. I've seen to many "adaptations" I wouldn't trust. Better head to the library if you don't have his book.

          2. Chocolate Pecan Pie or maybe a Shoo Fly pie? Dutch Apple Sour Cream pie?

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            1. re: buzzardbreath

              I totally forgot about sour cream apple pie. We used to love it. I do have some macs on hand. Maybe tomorrow.

              1. re: Candy

                I've never eaten sour cream apple care to describe the flavor. I'm having a hard time imagining it.

            2. The BEST pie is lemon meringue, as everyone who's anyone knows (grin). But that will never win a fall pie contest. Make a standard pumpkin one using the recipe from the back of Libby's can and a refrigerator pie crust. And watch the competition cringe when it wins.

              Fun article about such a "ringer" pie winning :

              1. My favorite is Kalhua Pecan. I make it every Thanksgiving, and it beats out all the Bourbon Pecan by a mile (Sorry, Kentucky.)

                I got this recipe back in the 80s -- I think lots of people make it.

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