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Oct 7, 2013 02:10 PM

Suggestion for a casual family dinner (~15) near Japantown?

We are staying at Kabuki Hotel next weekend and looking for a place to have dinner Friday night. Approximately 15 people, there will be kids age 1-8, so must be kid friendly This is a very casual group. We would prefer go to one the the places walking distance from the Japan Center, but we are willing to take taxi if there is a really great place.

Relatives will be coming from other parks of SF and Oakland, so easy & cheap parking is also a priority.



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  1. Takara is next to the Kabuki Hotel.

    call for reservation: (415) 921-2000

    ask them to validate parking in the garage for the group -
    it's usually one validation per party but since you're a large group, ask if they can make an exception. It's only a partial discount validation.

    Food is good for families with children.
    My fave is the TAKARA CHIRASHI, Saba-Shioyaki grilled salted mackerel, or Taramiso - black cod dinner. Most dinners come with complimentary chawan mushi - the egg custard with chicken or shrimp. Others like the Combination Dinners.

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      Thx. I've been to Takara a 2 or 3 times. I think my wife called and they won't take reservation for a large group on Friday night.

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        Pa'ina Lounge & Restaurant will take reservations.
        (415) 829-2642

        1865 Post Street between Webster and Fillmore Street

        1. re: PhilLevel

          on the corner of the Buchanan Street mall
          1700A Post Street
          (415) 441-1522

      2. Here is what came up on Open Table that can accommodate you...

        Within walking distance of Japantown:
        - Gussie's Chicken & Waffles (definitely kid-friendly and I actually like their chicken livers!)
        - Alamo Square Seafood

        If you use Open Table, there are several DOZEN additional places that you could go, but would require taxis to other parts of town.

        1. If you like Korean food, Seoul Garden is right in Japan Center.
          They have separate banquet rooms for 10-50 people that I'm sure could accomodate you. Very friendly staff. Very nice food. Tabletop BBQ, if you like that, is available tasty and fun.
          Also, they have a bunch of set menus.
          I bet if you call ahead you could even set up a menu with them for 15 so that they just bring stuff out and you don't all need to fumble with menus.

          Note: they are not on opentable, you'd need to call, phone number is on the above website.

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            Agreed with this. Seoul Garden is literally a few feet from your hotel, they will accommodate a large group in the private banquet room (I once had a large, rowdy birthday party in there) and the staff is wonderful. Make sure to order the jumuluk kalbi, it is their specialty. Easy parking in the underground lot underneath the restaurant, and the restaurant will validate so it should only cost something like $4 per car.

          2. How about San Wang (directly across Post St. from the Kabuki), for some Chinese/Korean or Korean/Chinese food? My dad LOVES this place for their whole fried fish and noodle dishes. They are casual and I've seen them effortlessly seat a very large family with kids in the main part of the restaurant.

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