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Oct 7, 2013 01:27 PM

Fresh Noodles for Ramen?

Hey all,

I tried making some ramen over the weekend and was puzzled as to what to purchase for noodles. I went to both H-Mart in Burlington and Kam Man and ended up buying fresh Yakisoba noodles and throwing away the pouch it came with. Buying this or fresh ramen packages (i.e. noodles + sauce packet) seems a little weird but I can't figure out which plain, packaged noodles would be appropriate. I know they're supposed to be made with sodium carbonate but otherwise am not sure what to get.


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  1. I've seen, but not used, these:
    Choripdong Oriental Style Noodle Vermicelle
    They in the fridgerated section, come in bundles, almost like hanks of knitting yarn.

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      Hrm, these don't seem to contain sodium or calcium carbonate which is a differentiating factor for the noodles used in ramen.

      Thanks tho!

    2. You could make them:
      (egg is substituted for kansui


      Here is a recipe using kansui

      There have been a few discussions here about fresh ramen in various parts of the country. I didn't see any in Mass., at all, but maybe you could ask on one of the regional/local boards.

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        The first recipe is just standard italian pasta, not ramen. I will try the second.

      2. In California, the two best brands of fresh ramen noodles are Yamachan and Sun Noodles. They're available at Japanese supermarkets. Sun has a branch in New Jersey, so perhaps you can find them on the East Coast. Fresh noodles of all kind tends to be a regional business, so you might be better off asking where to find them and which brands to buy on your local board.


        More about Sun Noodles

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          Funny, I originally posted this in the Greater Boston board and someone moved it here. :P

          I'll give Sun Noodles & Yamachan a try. Maybe they can direct me to local retailers!


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            I just got a note from the Mods about this thread. I replied suggesting that this be moved back to the Greater Boston board since you're asking both what and WHERE might be available to you locally.

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              We moved it here because it seemed like your question was more about what kind of noodles to use in a dish you were preparing than about where to get them, and that seemed like a Home Cooking question to us, but if your question really is more in the vein of 'where do I buy noodles with sodium/calcium carbonate in Boston' let us know (you can use Flag or reply to the email we sent you) and we can move it back.

          2. For future posterity, I spoke to Sun Noodles who put me in touch with their distributor. They said they deliver to H-Mart, Reliable Market (in Union Sq), Ebisuya, and a 4th place I can't recall. So far, every time I've been to Ebisuya they've had a pretty good stock of them both with and without sauce packets (kaedama).

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              I missed your original post, but happened to read this while I was in Ebisuya waiting for my sushi. Went right over to the freezer and got some of the Sun noodles because clearly it was Meant To Be.