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Oct 7, 2013 11:23 AM

How is Delmonico's in Las Vegas

Thinking of giving Emeril Lagasse's steakhouse, Delmonico's a try on our upcoming visit. I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on this restaurant if you've eaten here and what if any dishes you would recommend. Thanks in advance for your help.

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  1. We really enjoyed it. My husband and friend had steaks while I was weird and had BBQ salmon. We had the truffle/parmesan potato chips as an appetizer and creamed spinach and grits as sides. We would definitely go back if we ever returned to Vegas.

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      Thanks Njchicaa, nice to hear you enjoyed your meal there. Actually my wife prefers seafood, so the BBQ salmon might appeal to her. I'm the steak lover and just a slice or two from mine usually is all she needs. The sides sound good too. Looking forward to a great dinner!

    2. went to delmonicos in august, mostly to try a whiskey flight. the whiskey was excellent. the food was meh -- not bad by any means, but not worth going back. i can sit in the bar next time and enjoy the whiskey flight, before heading over to carnevino or SW. also, didn't like the kid who claimed to be the sommelier -- nice enough, but clearly overmatched by a huge winelist.

      1. Our group hits Delmonico's almost every trip. We've never had a problem with the food or the wine. The salmon should have been better but, then again, you went to a steakhouse and ordered fish. But that doesn't excuse them.

        Anyway, we go because they have a good corkage policy. MGM properties have a two bottle limit and for a large party that doesn't work. Delmonico's charges corkage but doesn't limit it.

        1. We did go last year, as a party of four. I thought the service and wine list was great, but the food not memorable. There are other steakhouses I like better, including Cut, right across the hall; and at the price point of Delmonico's I'd rather go to Sage. BUt that's just one person's view!

          1. If you are trying it as a destination experience I would recommend staying away. If you are looking to go there because you are staying at Venetian or going to a show and don't want to travel far, it's fine. Although there are better choices right around the corner in Palazzo.