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Oct 7, 2013 10:55 AM

Ken's in Goldsboro...a competitor to Wilbur's?

On an elevator ride out in Asheville, I was talking to some native NCers who said they from near Goldsboro. I mentioned Wilbur's and they busted out laughing when i said it was supposed to be the best in the area. They recommended...Ken's Grill. Anybody heard of it?

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  1. Wilbur's is very good BBQ...the best? I don't know that there is a such a place. Wilber's certainly isn't even close to laughable.

    Ken's is in Lagrange, between Goldsboro and Kinston. I've never been. It has been mentioned and recommended on here before. Hopefully Naco or another eastern NC expert can comment first hand.

    1. Like Carolinadawg, I've never had the BBQ at Ken's Grill. I recall having gotten a burger there many, many years ago but honestly don't recall much about it. I do know it has its fans in general and not just for BBQ. As noted, I've never heard anyone describe Wilber's as laughable and also never heard any of the harder core bbq experts around rank Ken's as even in the same league as Wilber's, much less better than Wilber's. Maybe Grady's but not Ken's . . . .

      1. The same person that laughs at Wilbur's recommends a place that doesn't cook with wood.

        Kens isn't bad, don't get me wrong...but it ain't wood cooked to my limited knowledge.

        1. Ken's was written up as a gas-cooker in the Holy Smoke book by Reed from a few years back. I've been past it a bunch of times but never stopped because they only do barbecue a couple of days out of the week.

          The problem with going with the vox populi on this stuff is that it's the vox populi supporting all of the mediocre gas-cooking places.

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          1. re: Naco

            Vox Populi? Is that a brand of bbq sauce?

            The Colbert Report
            "Each individual state should decide what is and isn't poisonous. For example, what we in my home state of South Carolina consider a deadly toxin, people in North Carolina call barbecue sauce."

            At 56 sec mark of video at

            1. re: boaviagem

              "...what we in my home state of South Carolina consider a deadly toxin, people in North Carolina call barbecue sauce."

              And vice-versa.

              Not that I'd consider taking BBQ tips from Monsieur Colbert.

              1. re: boaviagem

                That idiot doesn't even realize the same sauces from NC also compromise a large region of his home state of SC. His "funny" is only funny to idiots like him that don't know any better.

                I guess his idea of bbq sauce is 1 cup of mustard combined with 3 cups of sugar...voila, bbq sauce. LoL

                Then the dolt would suggest you cook a dry ass ham that was not seasoned with anything but air and smother it with said sauce to give the resulting bbq some moisture and a semblance of taste.

                Yeah...I don't think I'll go with what he said...

                1. re: JayL

                  Oh, no! I guess I'm an idiot because I find Colbert to be whip smart, well informed and very hilarious. Some people don't enjoy biting satire but, to each his own. The moderators here should correctly start cleaning this thread very shortly.....