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Oct 7, 2013 10:35 AM

kitchen flooring question--does anybody have experience with Vinacork?

We've had a not-so-small plumbing oops, and as a result we're replacing our kitchen floor. It has vinyl flooring right now. I'd like to get something that's resilient and easier on my legs and back when I stand on it for long periods. Our other priority is that it has to be durable and low-maintenance. We will be having it professionally installed, so idiot-proof installation isn't a big issue.

Wood (or wood-lookalikes) aren't an option because the adjoining rooms have hardwood floors and it would be too hard to match them. I've looked at cork but that sounds a little high-maintenance and prone to discoloring and damage (I am a very sloppy cook!)

I found a product called Vinacork that is layered vinyl, cork, high-density fiberboard, and more cork. The sales pitch sounds great, but I haven't found any reviews by legit consumer organizations or end-users. So, has anybody used this stuff? What did you think? Any other suggestions?

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    1. re: Motosport

      I would put most of the bamboo I've seen in the category of "wood look-alikes" that wouldn't look good where the kitchen and dining area adjoin the hardwood in the living room and hallway. But you got me wondering, and I did find one bamboo with a white stain that might work. Will have to give that some more thought. Thanks!

    2. I have had this for almost two years:

      I absolutely love it. It is easy on my knees and back, cleans like a charm and looks gorgeous. I'm a kitchen klutz and this has survived me. I have one small dent caused by falling canned goods but it is impossible to spot unless you know exactly where to look.

      I was concerned about cooking splatters so I have a washable throw rug in front of the stove. So far I have had no problems from grease or anything else.

      I use a soft bristle broom for general cleaning. The fellow who installed it recommended the Bona system for hardwoods which I use for mopping. A damp cloth works well for spot cleaning of small spills. Cleaning is not my life and I like that this is so easily maintained!

      I've been completely happy with the flooring and would install it again in a heart beat!

      Note: I would not get this if I had dogs or was a wearer of high heels. Both are said to cause excessive wear and cuts down on the life of the product.

      1. I am using bamboo for my kitchen flooring and I love the texture and finish of the floor. It is durable and easy to maintain. I recommend to try the latest designs at

        1. I had my kitchen redone this past fall and I used cork backed linoleum. I chose it both for comfort and sustainability. I am very happy with the choice. The floor is comfortable to stand on and easy to maintain. Aesthetics also played a part in my choice - my house was build in 1895 and I wanted a bit of a retro look.

          1. We recently replaced our kitchen floor due to a flood.
            Under the oak engineered wood planking, we had a layer of cork matting 1/4 ' thick laid on the concrete floor. It does not 'give' when you walk on it, but we never get leg fatigue when spending hours standing on it. Would do it again in a heart beat!