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Oct 7, 2013 09:47 AM

Best bar for large group

Hey Chow Pals,

I'm hosting a gathering in two weeks for a relatively large group of friends (around 15ppl) and am in need of bar options that can handle our group size. Preference is in a relatively large place, no dress code, and below midtown. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. Harry's at Hanover Square is pretty big. So is Town Hall (or is it City Hall) - the one close to Bouley.

    1. Is this for a weekend night or weekday? Can make a big difference ..... And are you willing to go early-ish (8-9pm) with a few others to scout space or are you ok somewhere you have to book a table aka minimum financial obligation?
      Pegu club is great and will let you make a reservation without any financial obligations, including weekend evenings and they have an excellent selection of mixed cocktails.
      The grey lady on les could work, call about a res i'm not sure their policy.
      Bar veloce in e village is a good space, mostly wine fyi
      Terrior's tribeca location would work, call about a res-wine bar (and large beer selection) with better than most food selection

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        Thanks i'll take a look these! It's going to be a Saturday but we're very lenient on the time and can be make it as early as 6:30 pm. Preference would be for a place that doesn't require any financial obligations and a place with great food options would definitely be a plus!

        1. re: MattMurdock

          Add the Thom Bar at the soho thompson hotel- as long as you gather b/w 7-8pm it won't be an issue, its a nice space and some good food options- a huge plus (as a female) are the very clean well maintained restrooms off the lobby. Note the DJ starts at 10pm...

      2. We had a fun group cocktails and snacks gathering after a work event at Cowgirl on Hudson Street. They gave us the full back room area. Food was really good, too.

        1. The Magician, depending on the night.