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Oct 7, 2013 09:40 AM

St Louis for One Night

Headed into town for one night during the week towards the end of October...need a lunch spot (not too far from Clayton), a dinner spot(staying in a hotel near Galleria but have a car), a breakfast spot(close to Olive Blvd west of 170) and a lunch spot (will be on my way to the airport).

I prefer local restaurants(no chains), open to all foods..

Some of my favorites that I have already tried are:
-The Crossing
-Bristol Grill

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  1. A solid St. Louis gem is Sidney Street Cafe. This would be good for your dinner night.
    If you want to try something different on your way to the airport, there is a total hole in the wall Mexican place that serves really good Tacos and other Authentic Stuff. The name is La Tejana. You head up Lindbergh towards I70 towards the airport. Take a u turn at the uturn loop on Lindbergh (Whitehall) and it is back a block or two. Don't be intimidated by the look. Super nice people.
    For Breakfast, there is a small DIner on Olive. Olivette DIner. I have not been there but it is supposed to be good. If you had time to go into the city for Breakfast, Rooster is worth trying. Also, RIGHT near where you are staying for lunch or dinner is Sugarfire Smokehouse. Good place for Q.
    There is a GREAT burger spot for lunch in Clayton. 5 Star Burgers.

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      I can vouch for La Tejana - and it's very convenient to the airport. there are 2 doors, one is a market, but they'll cheerfully send you to the right door. feel free to grab your soft drink (or beer) of choice out of the cooler on your way in.

      1. re: hill food

        and besides going to the airport Lindbergh is a much more pleasant drive, a certain stretch of 170 is a speedtrap and 270 is a nightmare.

        near the Galleria, trusted sources give Mai Lee high marks for VN fare (I usually go to scumblier places on South Grand).
        I like the ambiance at the Demun Oyster Bar over near Clayton and Skinker.
        zero ambiance but killer fried chicken and fish at Porter's on South Big Bend
        for other fast casual I really want to try the Central Table Food Hall over in the West End.

        1. re: hill food

          I really wanted to try Central Table this Friday for lunch. The reviews just really seem so so.

          SO my list is

          Annie Gunns
          Cardwells at the Plaza
          Scottish Arms

          Anniversary lunch so we want to go somewhere nice...

          1. re: FriendOfTheDevil

            Any thumbs up or down on my lunch list? Or rec's?

            1. re: FriendOfTheDevil

              Central Table does sound FAAAAR too casual for an anniversary lunch. I like Dressel's but also a bit casual. too bad Elaia isn't open for lunch.

              has anybody been? I've heard good things but only one was first hand.

              1. re: hill food

                Has anybody been to which one? Olio is also casual but the food is good. And frankly, if you call Central Table and ask for manager Matt McGuire and tell him you'd like a quieter table for an anniversary, he'll knock himself out for you. I really like their food, and Matt is a guy who is very customer-service-conscious.

                1. re: lemons

                  Nothing in the OP about an anniversary.

                  1. re: nosh

                    FOTD was asking about his anni...a little side tracking here.

    2. Breakfast: Olivette Diner on Olive east of Lindbergh. Busy little joint w/ an owner who makes his own hollandaise and does a killer bananas Foster waffle.

      Strong endorsement for 5 Star Burgers. Love Porters but it's a storefront that mostly does take-out. Regular or spicy chicken, very ordinary sides but the chicken is Where It's At. Also like Tejana and Sugarfire.

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        well I did say Porter's has zero ambiance. and ok, formica booths. and florescent lights. OK so yeah t/o and back to the hotel and call up a guilty pleasure movie on the PPV or Netflix (smirk).

      2. Do you want to sample St. Louis-style pizza and the local favorite, toasted ravioli? In Clayton, just south of the central business/civic center, is Manhattan Cafe. They do a lunch special of an individual pizza with a salad. Add a starter of the toasted ravioli and you're set. On the west side of Hanley, just south of Wydown(?). My favorite St. Louis-style pizza I've found (in a place that still exists).

        For a good breakfast place also in Clayton, try Half and Half. An amazing stuffed french toast. I love their fresh-fried "donuts," which are really churros. Hot, crispy, delicious. On Maryland (which turns into Ladue as it goes west) in a strip of cute shops on the north side, just west of Brentwood. This is just east of the 170 (the "inner belt") and a couple major streets south of Olive.

        If it is warm, and even if it is not, and especially if the Cards are still playing, and you have time for a bit of a drive (not more than 20 minutes from Clayton), you can say you've checked out Ted Drewe's. Very rich vanilla frozen custard made into sundaes or better, "concretes," with a multitude of toppings or mix-ins. Happiest place in St. Louis. On the old Highway 66, now Chippewa, which is south.

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        1. re: nosh

          I would also concur on the Half and Half rec or in the same spot, Little Country Gentleman. This is right next door or two from 5 Star Burgers as well.