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Oct 7, 2013 09:40 AM

Closed over Christmas Break?

Hi there,
I want to visit from Dec 27-Jan 1. Will the cool/trendy/best/hippest food destinations be closed? Be honest.

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  1. Who knows ? I'm a born and bred Parisien and still can't figure out fermetures annuelles and holiday closings. Sometimes the ones that were closed last year are open this year. But Paris is not exactly Tulsa, Oklahoma.... even if half the restos are closed there is such an abundance of quality and choice that you can still eat very well at the cool/ trendy/ hip restaurants that are open.

    31 Dec (when prices are jacked up for "special" menus and 1 Jan (a very family holiday) are, however, a bit problematic but not impossible.

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    1. re: Parnassien

      As always, I agree with Parnassien 100%.
      As a born and bred Normand (well a few centuries ago) but one who struggles with where to eat between XMas and NY'rs my practice has been to ask places I want to eat at, in early December, when they close and open and then call back a day or two before to be sure their kids are not sick or on skiis.
      But Parnassien is spot-on about Xmas and NY'rs Eve's - the prices are outasight and the Cherry Bombs in the metro Stations beyond my deaf ears' ability - and days often have very reduced menus aka cartes.
      Ever since Soupie/Julot described me as a hipster, I've been reluctant to venture into the "cool/trendy/best/hippest" arena, but would caution you that them-those-such-like may not be open this week.
      Enjoy, freeze or toast, Paris that week is magical.

    2. Hi! We've been in Paree the past 2 years during that time and JT and P are both right. (And we are coming from the coolest trendiest best hippest part of Brooklyn ;)). Plenty of places will be open. Worth noting tho that the hippest Parisians might be avec famille during that time.

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      1. re: chompchomp

        "the hippest Parisians might be avec famille during that time."
        Avoiding the hipster ref, I'll add that small Mom & Pop restos often are shuttered because the kids are out of school/creche and it's a holiday after all.
        And lastly it ain't Brooklyn or Kansas.

      2. Ok, this sounds not-so-bad (I was foolishly in Spain during the August shutdown and missed out on almost everything good so anything will an improvement).

        I'm booked at Spring for a dinner and Boquinistes for a lunch. I can see that Dauphin will be closed. Others I'll be figuring out in the next few days. Thanks!