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Oct 7, 2013 09:03 AM

Toddler friendly dessert/ice cream parlor in Cambridge/Arlington/Lexington area?

Looking for a fun and festive place to take our 2 year old tonight to celebrate her birthday. Thinking a place that maybe serves ice cream sundaes or some type of child friendly dessert and perhaps will sing happy birthday to her (she will get a kick out of it I am sure). The first place that comes to mind is the long defunct Chadwick's in Lexington. Not really looking to go to a chain, thinking of something a little off the beaten path that I just don't know of. I know of Cabot's in Newton, but that is just too far. Anywhere within Cambridge/Arlington/Lexington and surrounding would be just fine. TIA!

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  1. Colleen's in Medford Square. Isn't there still a Brigham's in Arlington Heights?

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      Yes and no, the ice cream store is still there but were forced to change it's name, I forget what the changed it too, and they stopped making the bulk Brigham's ice cream size so they switched to another brand, but still good. 1328 Massachusetts Ave intersection with park ave.

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        My parents were there on Saturday and said the store still has the Brigham's name on it and they were told they were still serving some Brigham's ice cream. I believe they can keep the Brigham's name until the Brigham's ice cream runs out.

    2. Friendly's in Watertown? I went since the rebranding and had a much better experience than usual.

      1. Pretty much all of them are toddler-friendly. For what you want to do--make your own sundaes--your best bet might be Frozeland, a new frozen yogurt place at 882 Mass Ave. in Arlington, across from the high school. Very friendly folks, and of course the whole point of the pace is choosing your own toppings. It has much better parking than the other frozen-yogurt place in Arlington Center (Yummy's) and is large and cheerful looking.
        Otherwise, the Chilly Cow in Arlington Center, but you can't do it yourself, and Rancatore's in Lexington (also not usually do it yourself, but maybe) come to mind.

        1. I don't know of any place that it that kid oriented that the staff sings happy birthday (except when you book the place for a party), but I'm sure that if you were to go to Toscanini's, it wouldn't be at all difficult to get the crowd of college kids to help you out! Seriously!!

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            I like this idea. The micro sundae is the perfect size for a toddler. It's usually crowded enough that it shouldn't be hard to get people to sing.

          2. Thanks for all of the suggestions so far! I am sure one of them will work out the same time, it is depressing to know all of the old fashioned ice cream parlors of the past are long gone and done away with.