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Oct 7, 2013 09:02 AM

New restaurant Fogama in Rye

Just saw the new sign on the old Livorno in Rye. New name Fogama. Any info?

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  1. From City of Rye board meeting: ''Fogama Neo Japanese Cuisine''

    That's all I could find.

    1. another " neo japanese"?? really?

      1. Just go, it is amazing !! Best sushi, best house made dumplings and best pork fried rice in the country. Lobster mango roll, sushi bullet, tuna pizza. Un-rivaled !!!

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        1. re: Andrea1754

          it is terrific!!! we've eaten there and, we order in from there multiple times a week. I'm obsessed with it!! our 2 yr old eats the cold ramen noodles- her fave!!