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Oct 7, 2013 07:48 AM

Authentic places - South Beach Miami

Will stay in South Beach Miami next week - eager to experience authentic spots to taste local specialties without spending a fortune... Take away options are also welcome, bakeries, pastry and coffee shops... what are your recommendations?

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  1. In no particular order
    Panther Coffee
    Jugofresh (not my usual thing but the sunset harbour bowl and sana de rana are both very good, sunset harbour being the best one)
    My Ceviche
    Joe's Takeaway (opens the 15th)
    Puerto Sagua
    El Chalan
    Las Olas

    Otentic -- not very local (french) but good. They may have moved to south of 5th by now, you will need to check if you are interested in going. Have not been in a while.