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Oct 7, 2013 06:58 AM

New to Adams Morgan/Kalorama

Later this month I'll be moving to DC and living in the Adams Morgan/Kalorama area. Would love to hear about the must-hit restaurants within easy walking distance that will hopefully become regular favorites.

Would specifically love to find a great spot for sushi, Thai, Indian, and Greek/Mediterranean.

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  1. Good luck.

    Walking distance favorites of mine include the savory Belgian waffles at Locolat, the mole sauces at Casa Oaxaca, and the flammekuchen at Mintwood Place.

    Pizza at Astor Mediterranean is solid as is most of the other food.

    1. Do yourself a favor and become a regular at Mintwood Place. This is one of my favorite restaurants in DC and a great place for almost any meal (including brunch---which it seems no one has discovered yet).

      I agree with the rec for Casa Oaxaca for good, laid-back Mexican. I also like Bourbon for a cool neighborhood spot for decent food (nice crabcake sandwich) and drinks.

      So's Your Mom was always my Sunday morning sandwich/bagel/hangover spot when I lived in Adams Morgan.

      You are also not that far from U St (depending on where you are living) and good Ethiopian food---Etete being the best.

      1. Pho 14 is a great neighborhood Vietnamese place, affordable, always friendly, never disappointing.

        Super Tacos has some incredible and generously sized pork tacos. Check it out.

        Muzette has surprisingly authentic Korean food, though you might not expect it in a karaoke place! Really great food, I recall a good pancake dish and a very large spicy noodle soup.

        Sakuramen and Taan are both satisfactory ramen places. Nothing mind-blowing, but good neighborhood spots.

        A bit further walk you'll find Beau Thai in Mount Pleasant. It has some good dishes though overall pretty standard fare. I enjoyed the spicy noodle bowl a lot, definitely a must-order.

        Cali Yogurt is a solid froyo spot, I often find myself headed there for a weekend treat!

        And don't forget to check out the farmers market in Mount Pleasant on Saturday mornings - or the Dupont farmers market on Sunday mornings.

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          We live a couple blocks from Beau Thai and were pretty excited to see it coming in but have been a bit disappointed. Agree with hamster that the spicy soup (I can't remember the actual menu name) is the best thing I've had there. If you're going up to Mount Pleasant anyway, be sure to check the new little gourmet store Each Peach as well as Flying Fish Cafe almost next door to it.

          Haven't been in a long while for some reason, but Old Town Jerusalem on Columbia is probably still a good recommendation. Sounds like you'll be closer to Astor, though.

          We're pretty happy having Doner Bistro, a little further north on Columbia, in the neighborhood, too.

          There's an Indian restaurant, Jyoti, on 18th St in Adams Morgan that's just fine and is a regular for us for delivery. The Himalayan restaurant further down on 18th also delivers and also is fine.

          You didn't ask, but the Szechuan restaurant on 14th St might deliver to you (does to us) and it's great -- you can find good recs elsewhere on here for it.

          There's a pretty good Peruvian chicken place across Columbia from Kalorama Park/So's Your Mom, I always blank on its name.

          Cashion's Eat Place and Mintwood Place are the two best, higher end, restaurants in the area -- both are good for more casual at the bar too and for brunch. Two of the better restaurants in DC.

          There are really tons of places around, even if it's not the most chow-worthy neighborhood in town, you won't have any trouble exploring and finding regular hang-outs. And as hamster said, you are well positioned for farmers markets.

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            mselectra, we live in the same neighborhood now! I just moved to Mount Pleasant and am loving it so far.

            1. re: hamster

              Hey hamster -- Sorry I missed this before -- welcome to the neighborhood! I love it here. We've probably been crossing paths at Flying Fish or elsewhere.... I'll be curious what else you're liking, since you're so good at finding the gems. (Although probably off topic for this thread).

        2. I've always like Regent Thai over on 18th. for Greek I've always wanted to try Mourayo on CT.
          granted those are more Dupont, but it's close.

          1. Nothing earth-shattering, but Zorba's in Dupont has been around forever and is quality, reasonably priced Greek food. Open til 11 I think every day. Similarly, for Thai food, Thaiphoon is a little south of Kalorama/north of Dupont.

            The Diner has good lunch sandwiches and classic breakfast.

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              Jack Rose Dining Saloon!!!! If you love whiskey!!!!