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Oct 7, 2013 03:03 AM

Vegetarian-friendly Vienna?

Hi! I am going on a last-minute trip to Vienna with the parents 11th-14th Oct.

I have done my research, read the recs by Sturmi and various Trip Reports - After looking up menus, will I find anything Veg-friendly?

My father and I eat everything, nose-to-tail, and are not fussy, however my mother is a vegetarian, though she eats eggs.

Where would be good to go that could cater for her requirements?

Also are there any additional places, bars etc that you could recommend for the Evening? I've heard good things about Porgy&Bess and Santo Spirito.

Would really, really love some help! Thank you :)

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  1. ShekhaV, are you looking specifically for Viennese/Austrian food? Obviously many ethnic (Indian, Sri Lankan, etc...) will have good veg selections and I wanted to know how to focus my response... although Sturmi is the real expert as you know.

    For good bars, I've always enjoyed the vibe in the Museums Quartier, there are about 5 or 6 good places there. The only caveat is the vibe is much better when it's warm out and people are sitting outdoors.

    Otherwise, and even though it's a highly touristy place, the restaurants/bars in the Naschmrkt can be quite fun at night when all the high priced produce vendors are closed. There are lots of places you can wander between until you find the right one for you. I espeically like the two wine bars located across from each other (Raphael's and Urbanek), although they are not open late (7pm I think). Exceptional people watching at Raphael/Urbanek's, if that is your thing. The rest of restaurants/bars are open later than these two.

    You will also find Wein & Co. across the street from the Naschmrkt, kitty corner to the Secession building. Always great wine and food at Wein & Co. There are many locations for Wein & Co. in Vienna, check their website for other locations.

    In addition the downstairs wine bar in the Meinl Am Graben is excellent, although can be smokey depending on the crowd. You can access the wine bar at the back of the Meinl Am Graben grocery store (look for the wine section) or off of Naglergasse via a small entrance.

    Also head for the Ferstel Palace and the Ferstel Passage Arcade, there's a couple of nice wine and snack places in there as well with a very "fancy pants" atmosphere.

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    1. re: vanderb

      These sounds like some great ideas for the evenings, thank you very much! :-)

      Re: Restaurants - Any kind of cuisine, although I would steer away from Asian-leaning (South and East) as this something I think I can find very readily l in London.

      Viennese/Austrian dishes I, myself, would probably be most keen on, however any restaurant that is well known for utilising the autumn local produce would be wonderful. As long as my mother can eat something! :)

      1. re: ShekhaV

        A few favourites that I know have at least a couple of veg dishes are Phoenixhof and Glacisbeisl, both Austrian with Glacis being a notch or two higher end than Phoenix. The aforementioned restaurants in the Museums Quartier will also have a decent selection of veg dishes, although not strictly speaking Viennese in style. Further away from these in the 7th district is Gaumenspiel, modern, seasonal food, some love it, others not so much... I do. They also have a slightly less fancy place next door, but the name escapes me.

        Near Phoenix is Petit Maroc, good Morrocan food with veg options.

        Not in that area but over in the Judenplatz are Ella's (Mediterranean) and Bodega Marques (Spanish), both have veg options as well. I know there is a more traditional Viennese place that Sturmi has recommended to others, also on/near Judenplatz, but I cannot quickly find it with a search here.

        These are, for the most part, regular haunts for me and you'll find reviews from myself on this board if you search. Once Sturmi sees your post you'll get way more choices and informed advice. I visit about once a month and tend to go where I know as visits are usually very focused.

        1. re: vanderb

          @vanderb: thanks for the flowers !

          It is not difficult to get vegetarian dishes at most restaurants. It might be a lot of pumpkin and some dumplings and a few quiche and some autumn mushrooms, but edible and tasty.

          And there are quite a few vegetarian-food-only restaurants worth visiting. There are two at opposite ends of the inner city:
          Tian, close to the Ronacher theater:

          and Lebenbauer in Teinfaltstrasse, close to the Burgtheater:

          Close to Lebenbauer is a vegetarian buffet restaurant, and it is better than it looks:

          And if you want to splurge and get real high-end veggie food for your money: take a look at the tasting menu of Steirereck: a lot of vegetarian choices there !! And if you ask you get a full vegetarian only menu ...

          1. re: Sturmi

            This is all unbelievably helpful! Thank you so much - I was a bit apprehensive with such a last minute booking that I wouldn't be able to plan an itinerary but you have both given me some marvellous material to be getting on with, I am very grateful.

            Looking forward to writing up a trip report upon my return! :-)

    2. Hey Shekha,
      My family traveled through Switzerland, Germany & the Czech republic a few years ago. I found invaluable for steering us to restaurants that were either strictly vegetarian or vegetarian friendly. I would cross check their restos against another site's "best of" list.

      Have fun!