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Oct 6, 2013 11:47 PM

Proposition Chicken opens Tues 10/8/13 in SF - Market St. at Valencia

Walking by I noticed Proposition Chicken is coming to Market at Valencia on Tues 10/8/13. Sign on window said "Fried, flipped, fake this chicken goes 3 ways". Hope to read some reports soon.

Proposition Chicken
Market near Valencia, SF
Opens Tues, Oct 8, 2013

Hrs: 11a-9p
Fri & Sat 11a-2AM

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  1. Does that mean they will serve both real and fake (mock?) chicken?

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    1. Here's a pic of the grilled chicken sandwich I had today. Chicken was very juicy and tender and the slaw had a nice spicy kick. $10. Looking forward to trying more from the menu, which is basically chicken via sandwich, salad or entree, and lots of different sides. Friendly counter service.

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        Thanks for the report, I have a flight to Portland Friday night with no time for a sit down dinner and don't want airport food so was thinking about this for some take out to eat at the airport. How did the fried chicken look?

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          Everything's prepared behind the scenes so my only glimpse of the fried was on two salads ordered by other parties. It certainly looked good enough. Not sure how the fried will hold up for takeout, but my "flipped" held up well against the roll. On the salads it was presented as strips, I wonder if they don't do large breast pieces at all in salads & sandwiches. That'd be one way to avoid the dryness that brings down so many chicken dishes like this.

      2. Here are two more photos including menu.

        1. $12 for a quarter chicken is pricey, that's the same as Zuni's overpriced $48 roasted chicken. Price includes a little biscuit and 2 tablespoons of coleslaw. $3 extra for fries. Not impressed.
          Also, they charge the same price for tofu. Haven't seen it yet, and don't know what they do to make it crispy, or worth $12.

          1. In need of a quick bite before a show at the former Rebel space, I wound up a few doors down at Proposition Chicken. The space feels sterile, like a prototype for a future chain restaurant.

            Fried chicken (dark meat) was bland, and while not dry, wasn't bursting with juice. Nothing remarkable about the skin. The thin french fries weren't great either.

            Brussels sprouts weren't overcooked, but the brown sugar sauce somehow amplified those flavors kids dislike.

            Biscuit isn't very good. It has a machine-made shape and resembles a puck of McDonald's hash browns.

            The good:
            Cole slaw had, I believe, tons of parsley in it. I liked the bitterness and the serving size was about 1/3 cup.

            Buffalo wings were small, but good. They taste like they are made with Frank's Hot Sauce so the flavor is what it should be. I liked that they left the wing tips on.