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Upscale - Vegetarian + Delicious Only

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Between Alma, Bestia, Providence (vegetarian-by-request prixe-fixe) and maybe throw in Cube (?) and Hinoki and the Bird, where is the most delicious bang for the bucket -- focusing exclusively on food + desert (as opposed to, say, ambiance + wine), for a vegetarian?

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  1. Have heard so phenomenal comments regarding Crossroads on Melrose @ Sweetzer. Not tried it personally.

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      Thanks so much! The menu reminds me of Millennium in San Francisco back in the day. I could never bring myself to love that place. I'm looking here for astoundingly yummy vegetarian, more than vegan, and hoping for one of the places above, or similar .... I would love to hear from vegetarians (or omnivores who have eaten vegetarian dishes there) who have been to most/many of the above! :-)

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        I have heard great things about Crossroads as well. Was with a friend who dined there last week and she raved about it.

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          My friend(s), both meat eaters, swear by the place regardless of vegan vs. vegetarian issues. In fact, they cannot wait to return.
          Ronnen, the chef, is former private chef to Ellen DeGeneres, among others, and finally got his own place, with the help of investors, of course.

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            I did not think the concept would fly, but apparently I was way wrong. Not a lot (any other) of upscale vegan options with a full bar.

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              Heard good things about Crossroads. I'm also a fan of Vegan Glory on Beverly Blvd near Beverly Center. And Real Food Daily. Their Not-chos are out of this world. Get them with the cashew cheese and taco mix. Yum!

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                I think I just phrased my question / request terribly. I just tried it again and wrote it differently. Thanks for the Crossroads recommendation -- it's good to hear that people are enjoying it ... I've been burned on several upscale vegetarian restaurants in the past, but I will definitely keep my ear to the ground and probably try it out!