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Those snacks you bought today.Do you make them last ? I can't.

I dont't buy them that often, but when I do. Gelato, I'll eat most of it that day. Finish it off in the morning, Chocolate, good luck. Chips. I know you are there.Peanuts.It's a love afair. Cookies. I'm going in for the kill. When I pass by the snacks in the grocery store I look away . Do your snacks last for a couple days or more ? I just binge and get it over with.

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  1. I get plenty of exercise, Hiking,biking,swimming. Also a physical job as a builder. I just like my junk sometimes and do not make it last.

    1. Deleted–addressed to the OP rather than the respondent.

      1. Um...no disrespect meant, but you're on the Chowhound (people who like to eat) boards because why, now...?

        Nothing against exercise–a good way to burn off Chowy excesses–but emglow101 was asking a reasonable question about how to make snacks last, not how to avoid them.

        emglow101–I'm afraid that I have no good answer, but I'm sure that there are lots of 'Hounds here that will. I'm with you...generally, I just binge and then stay away from 'em for a while.

        1. It depends. I live with a snack-guzzler, who will just open the bag and keep going until it's done. So I tend to get my reasonable "snack sized" portion at the start, and then never see another crumb.

          But something that only I like? Usually it will last for ages. I put it in a jar or container, take out the portion I want to eat, and then put the rest away for another day. The first few bites of snack-type foods are the nicest to me anyway, after that it's just eating because it's there. I'd rather have those delicious first few bites 5 times over on different days than one big face-stuffing exercise.

          If I don't do the "portion and put away", there's a few things that will keep me eating way past the point of enjoyment. Red liquorice is the prime offender. I will swear I don't want another bit, start feeling sick from the sugar, and 30 seconds later another piece or 4 has accidentally fallen in my mouth. Repeat until it's all gone and I have to go have a little lie down. But with most things in the snack category a small-ish taste is all I want, and all I have.

          I don't see a problem with the "scoff it all at once" approach, though (except when it's me an red liquorice, of course). 10 chips on each of 5 consecutive days, or 50 chips all at once? Meh, I'm sure it all evens out.

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            I think I've developed an effective way to control my snack intake. I store all my snacks at the grocery store. Let the store owner look after them. like I store some money in the bank. When I want a little I go and withdraw it. Same with the jube-jubes. Instead of withdrawing a pound of jube-jubes I just withdraw a hand full. When those are gone I wait until I'm at the store and if I want some I withdraw another hand full. Like with money. That's how I make snacks last.

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              Omg!!! I'm a snack-guzzler too!! Love that term LOL!

              I'm a carb addict and every snack is devoured in no time so I had to stop buying them. If I have apples and chips in the house, the apples will never win over chips. If I only have apples, I enjoy them and don't even want chips.

              My husband could take or leave snacks, I never understood it...

            2. I'm a grazer. If the snacks are sitting out on the counter, I'll stop and grab a few cookies or crackers. I have to put them away in the cupboard so I don't see them. Chips my husband uses for lunch, so we make those stretch for at least 4 days. We eat a lot of Haribo gummies and those rarely last from the night to the next day. Peanuts and mixed nuts I'm notorious for gobbling down, but usually can stretch them for a few days. There are these German snacks called nicnacs, potato chip covered peanuts, and I will eat a bag of those nonstop. I can maybe make them last a few hours.

              I'm 8 months pregnant, and miraculously my lactose intolerance has disappeared, so I'm eating all the ice cream I can in case It comes back after giving birth. I'll make a pint disappear in 2 days.

              The ONE thing that helps me snack less is to have apples sitting out and eat one of those before I start on the sweet and salty treats.

              1. Thank God for all of the preservatives in snack food or else mine would go bad.

                I keep 2 pints of black raspberry chocolate chip ice cream in the freezer in the events guests pop over. I don;t touch it until it hits the 1 or 2 month mark due to fear of freezer burn.

                A large bag of Doritos will last me 2 weeks for lunches or longer.

                I've kept unopened bags of leftover Halloweeen candy for 6 to 9 months.

                Hostess ho-ho's are my only nemisis. That and Indian and Thai food.
                Chicken Korma will be GONE in my house the next day, yet I let the candy bars just sit and pine for the chochoholics that did not buy them yet I somehow have them. LOLZ. Yes, I'm talking to you big dark chocolate Milky Way bar in my pantry. :)

                Hey, I;m not a big sweet eater or a snack food feind.
                I have many a freind who is though.
                Only way they keep it in check is to not buy it or buy things in portioned packages.

                Great topic though.

                1. Why deprive yourself?

                  1. I can have chocolate, sweets and ice cream in my house for months. Chips, nuts, pretzels....forget it. Open and gone. Once you pop you can't stop and all that. I avoid buying them for the house, or I portion them out like kiddy snack packs and try not to have more than one at a time.

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                      My ice cream always dies of freezer burn before it's even half-full.

                    2. The only snack that is not bought for immediate consumption is a 2 lb. bag of popcorn. Naturally from Wisconsin. Popped in coconut oil.

                      1. Don't really buy snacks since I have a limited food budget. But when I do I make sure to use a bowl and I limit myself to eating it once a day. So we can go months without chips, but when get them I eat a bowl every day.

                        I try to limit ice cream consumption by only eating it out at the local ice cream shop. If I don't want to walk a mile I don't really want it. But when I break down and buy from the store, we eat the carton in about a week ( need to free up freezer space).

                        1. I'm not much of a snacker and I have no sweet tooth at all. The 8 oz bag of pistachios I got at the end of the week is still 3/4 full so I'm guessing it'll last a week or longer if I forget about it, which happens often with "snacks" I buy.

                          1. I do buy traditional snacks mostly because I've just never been a fan. My snacks are usually small bits of random foods like tuna, deli meat, cheese, etc. however, I have a soft spot for anything pickled. If anything in a jar of brine - cucumbers, peppers, cabbage, mushrooms enters this house it never makes it to the fridge.

                            1. If i have any overly tempting snacks i keep them in the freezer. I am maybe the only person left without a microwave so i have to take out the chocolate/cookie/gummy candies/nuts and wait until it thaws. By the time it has i have usually moved on and i was either actually hungry and had a healthier snack, or i wasn't hungry and just wanted that specific food.
                              80% of the time i'm not as interested when its thawed and let my boyfriend have it or i'll have it for dessert.

                              1. I'm diabetic, can't have more than 20 carbs/meal or my glucose climbs and I get sleepy. I know that means I am damaging my pancreas and that would mean having to go onto insulin, which I do not want to do.

                                I won't deprive myself, nor will I eat anything with artificial sweetener.

                                Yes, I can make snacks last.

                                1. I bought a box of Kashi oatmeal cookies last week and I haven't opened the box yet. I think because I don't eat as much carb, the processed snack foods that I can safely eat aren't very good. At least that's what I tell myself.

                                  I do eat dark chocolate, but not all at once. We also polish off a lot of nuts every week, and I am surprised at this--a little. I can't buy the cookies I used to pig out on, if I ever bought them. Vienna Fingers were my downfall. I could eat them forever. But I haven't seen them in awhile, so I am not tempted to buy them.

                                  It is hardest for me to resist binging on something if I get over tired or overwhelmed.

                                  1. If I saw the Skippy peanut butter/chocolate "small" jars, I'd be in trouble. I first spotted them in China, and ate a jar a day, but maybe once a week/every other week. Still, that's nauseating, and it was hard to do anything practical the rest of the day.

                                    Also in China, Glico (the company behind Pocky) produced quality crackers with such flavors as cumin (that's deep), hot pot and my favorite by far, sesame. There are very few Chinese snacks that would I call addictive, but those are one of them.

                                    Back in the US, apple chips, Snyder's butter pretzels and some pinto bean chips don't usually make it past a day or two. Oh, and dried soybeans, those are a good haul too.

                                    Come to think of it, I've been buying some delicious plums lately, say three each time, and I eat them all in one sitting. Good business for the fruit vendors on the street.


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                                      I swear street vendor fruit is the best! Must be because its actually ripe.....i scored a super ripe $3 fresh pineapple just yesterday!

                                      1. re: Ttrockwood

                                        Oh, but the avocados are tricky.

                                        I finally found one selling golden raspberries (seems the ones downtown don't), so that will work for cereal for the next few days.

                                    2. buffalo bleu kettle chips.

                                      gone the minute I open them. I've said it before, and I'll say it again.. they are the devil's food.

                                      1. Chips, I allow myself a handful with lunch. Chocolate - I buy the good expensive kind, and one square after dinner is enough to last a long time. With chocolate, I find that if I eat cheap milk chocolate I eat more because it has a little bit of chocolate flavor, but not enough to satisfy. The good stuff is cheaper in the long run.

                                        I'm not really that virtuous, so I limit what I have on hand, and plan to have fresh fruit for a snack mid-day.

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                                          I go through phases. One time it might be peanut m and ms. Another time it might be Mike and Ikes. The mini peanut butterncups from TJ's, or mini Oreos. There was a ime when it was sour cream and onion Pringles, peanut butter filled pretzles, Red Vines or chocolate covred pretzles (the ones by Rold Gold). But, inevitably, I get sick of my snack of the moment. And I either move on quickly, or decide I've had enough snacks for a while and stick with eating regular meals.

                                          My current snack that I can't keep my hands off of are these corn thins thst are like very thin rice cakes. 25 calories a cake, not bad at all. But I can plow through a whole bag in one day. Add some crunchy peanut butter and maybe some good preserves, and I'm in hog heaven. For now! :)