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Oct 6, 2013 08:32 PM

The Peppermill (16th ave)

Heard about this store a few years ago, finally had a chance to see it.

It's a decent place with a good selection of mid to high end cookware, a few cookbooks (not all kosher) and a decent selection of kosher cake and candy making and decorating supplies. I dropped a bundle on some cookbooks and a few other odds and ends. But, while I'm nkt knocking the place, I was slightly underwhelmed. I guess it does fill a certain need, but there were very few, if any, products I've never seen before, and wish the smell of artificial potpurri were not so strong in the air. I was slightly nauseated by the time I left. That being said, again, I can see how this store fills a need, but wonder about other peoples' imressions? Like? Dislike? Ambivalent? Or am I just spoiled because there is a great Sur la Table where I live?

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  1. 16th ave where? Cross st, city, state, country?

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      It's on 16th ave. in the 50's in Boro Park Brooklyn.

      1. The thing I like best from the store are the kosher supplies that are hard to find elsewhere or which are--or at least were--significantly cheaper than elsewhere. I admit I haven't been there in about two years now, but when I used to go, they would sell cocoa that I found to be equal to Droste's in quality. They repackaged it into 1 pound quantities and sold the pound for $5.95, and later, $6.95, while the 8.8 oz packages of Droste were in the $8.00 range. I really don't know if their prices are still so good on their repackaged stuff, though. I also used to buy custard powder, which I have never seen elsewhere (unless I just don't know where to look), as well as a few other similar things. And if you're ever in need of things like chocolate molds in the alef-bet or torah scrolls, that's the place. But I don't make the trip from Queens very often; I'd only go if/when I had other things to do in the area.

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          Oops! Brain freeze. Forgot to put the address and city. Thanks to those who corrected my oops! :)

          Queenscook, i didn't really pay attention to the chocoate molds, but nice to know they are there. I did notice tgeir baking and candy aking supplies and definitely saw a few things, like luster dust, that are hard to find kosher. I guess I was just expecting to becdazzled by vast numbers of exotic kosher products that I have never seen. Ah well. I'm still glad I went. I did pick up a couple of cookbooks to add to my collection, including one on fruit carving. And who kniws, maybe I will actually use it one day! :)

        2. Not a fan. They have the baking trays with raised letters "meat" "dairy" "parve" and all the color coded utensils, but I've found them for less elsewhere. Their standard baking pans were expensive. Cookbooks were list price (at least when I went).
          Staff was unhelpful bordering on rude.

          Like you said, it fills a niche, but there's a lot of other places to shop.

          Another place that has a lot of high end candy and cake decorating supplies is Happy Home. (Also in Brooklyn, on Coney Island Avenue)

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            Yeah, I haven't been there, but they are the people behind CKCA. I took two classes this summer, so I have been interested in seeing the store. But Brooklyn is a long way from Queens, when you really don't have to be there!

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              It's a nice store, a lot of giftware/platters/serving pieces. Brooklyn is definitely a loooong way from queens....I hardly ever get out to queens