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Non-alcoholic "Scotch and Soda"

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My daughter is visiting from Walla Walla WA where several gas stations/burger joints/restaurants serve a drink called a Scotch & Soda. From what she can gather, it is typically made with a citrus soda (7Up / Sprite), lemon / lime juice, and vanilla syrup and served over ice and is non-alcoholic. Some say that the "Scotch" part comes from a shortening of Butterscotch. She is totally obsessed with this drink but has had trouble finding the origins and history or anything else about the drink. In fact the majority of people, even in Walla Walla, haven't heard of it. Also, she is not interested in hearing that "a non-alcoholic scotch and soda is technically just soda" because she's heard that already and she finds it condescending and irritating!

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  1. OK, now I want to go to Walla Walla to investigate. Apparently it's one of the specialties (along with milkshakes) of the Ice-Burg Drive-In which has been in business since 1953. No one comes out and says it, but it sounds like it's just butterscotch syrup and 7-Up.


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      (I'm the daughter from Walla Walla...) Hi Jeri Yes the Ice-Burg is one of the places that makes them but I get them faster and cheaper from the Shell gas station in Eastgate. Also, I think the lemon/lime juice is important because it's cuts through the sweetness. But I don't even know how they are usually made so who knows!

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        Do they make the drink to order at the gas station? You may be surprised at how far a friendly conversation and a $20 tip will get you...... ;)

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          Yes the drink is to order I will ask next time I go! (In California right now)

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        Have to admit the burger looks great! Can't seem to find 'Scotch and Soda', maybe it is part of The Secret Menu.