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Burger King Japan also releases burger with hash-brown patty

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Last week I posted about a new burger from McDonalds Japan containing a hash-brown potato patty. This week I found a similar hash-brown patty in a new Burger King burger, the BK Bolognese. This burger is fairly ordinary, but is topped with bolognese sauce and served with a similar patty of hash-brown potato, like McD's it is resized to be thinner than the average breakfast patty. The effect is like having a burger with a hint of high-school spaghetti flavor.

See it at http://www.burgerkingjapan.co.jp/camp...

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  1. Come to think about it, I wonder how the use of hash-brown patties on burgers affects the sale of french fries?

    "Would you like fries with that?" sounds inappropriate when there is a whole patty of fried potatoes in the burger already.

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      Inneresting, time to pop over to BK!

      As for Hash Browns, I suppose they are never really sold at the same time are they. Personally they taste different enough to warrant a side of fries, but seriously, we need to get some good onion rings over here stat!

      Tried the pepper burger from McDonald's the other day too, good for the hangover, I guess.