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Oct 6, 2013 07:57 PM

Roadside Eats - Near Arclight in Hollywood

It's right across the walkway from the Hollywood Arclight, and against our better judgment, we decided to try it despite not having a single other customer.... and what a surprise.

They serve North Carolina BBQ in the form of sandwiches. You can order the same stuff as a salad, but it's set up for sandwiches.

The tri tip is dry rubbed then cooked 8 hours. It's tender, and served on a French roll. We got the vinegar slaw added for $2, which gave it a nice zing.

But the real surprise was the chopped chicken sandwich. This was on a brioche bun, had a little crust to the meat, and had enough sauce to keep it interesting and moist. It comes with slaw, and we chose the vinegar slaw (as opposed to the creamy slaw). It was another good choice, adding more acidity to the filling. The bun was perfectly matched to the filling. This sandwich is worth returning for.

They have a selection of sides to choose from and we selected the Brussels sprouts. It was cold, with raisins and almonds in a mayonnaise sauce. This was okay. Not great.

There isn't another BBQ place in Hollywood, and I'm anxious to try the brisket sandwich and also the fried green tomato BLT sandwich. We also tried their BBQ sauce itself, and it has a hint of sweetness together with the acidity. I liked it.

Note for next time: order the slaw on the side. You get a half pint for $3, compared to $2 to put it on the sandwich. But you only get a tiny bit on the sandwich. For $3 you'll have enough for 2 sandwiches.

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    1. I saw an ad for this place and thought it looked pretty chow worthy. Bummed I am not in the area very much, but will seek it out, next time I am.

      1. Whoa Whoa Whoa....

        Major inconsistency alert. Both sandwich buns were burned charcoal black on the inside. One of the two bbq sauce dispensers was empty. And along with our order of two sandwiches and two side dishes we got one set-up???? Oh and since we were one of two parties in the place the first time, they actually brought the food over. This time we were the only ones, but our number was called to pick it up.

        Completely different experience from the first time.

        1. This is from the Umami burger people ?

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          1. re: kevin

            Don't think it is.... Checked out the website, and no mention of that....

            1. Not sure why, but when I brought up their site, the types of meat were not visible.

              They do have fried pies for $3!