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Oct 6, 2013 07:02 PM


Any idea what the difference is between these first two vacu-vins? I was going to buy the first one, but then I saw the second one came with one more stopper and actually cost less!

I have a feeling this "Concerto" model is a gimmick at best, with the special "click" feature when "the correct vacuum level is reached". Any firsthand reviews from 'Hounds?

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  1. Vacu Vin leaks air and liquid. The Wine Doctor (same vacuum concept) leaks air and liquid also. I've tested both and I wouldn't buy any of them.

    I love the smaller bottle/smaller jar preservation method.

    1. I've used Vacuvin for several years. IMO they work well for a couple of days storage, about all I need. Past that Private Reserve.

      If I were in the market, I would buy the one with the 2 corks. My guess is the difference is in the vendor.

      1. I've tested Vacuvin (mostly because people know I'm a "wine guy" and constantly buy them for me) a lot and it really doesn't do much, at all. My control bottle will taste the same as the Vacu'd bottle after a day or two. I'd even venture to say the Vacu'd bottles taste worse on the whole.

        1. Hi, uwsgrazer:

          I don't think there's a difference between the two; they both use the "improved" stopper.

          I have used the VacuVin for about 10 years, and I disagree with some others here about its usefullness and efficacy. I have about 15 of the *old* slit-style stoppers, which can pull a much greater vacuum and hold it for weeks. The flanges which seal against the inside neck of the bottle are better, the top of the stopper fits into the pump more deeply and securely, and there is no vacuum-limiting click. VacuVin originally also sold 2-piece containers into the lids of which these stoppers fit; these are fantasic for vacuum-marinating foods.

          IMO, the V-V is 'way better than simply re-corking a bottle, and about as good as filling a split and re-corking. I siphon my barrels with inert gas overpressure, so I have a big tank of argon and a special single-bottle sparger/filler gun for leftover bottles I want to save for longer than a few days. I usually just sparge the ambient air mostly out of the leftover bottle (you never get it all) and *then* pull a vacuum with the V-V or recork with a new cork.


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            I also have used the Vac-u-Vins for many years (several different designs), and travel with a vacuum unit, and a half-dozen stoppers.

            I seldom use those for more than about a day (like my "Champagne Stopper"), so do not know about long-term storage. Wine does not last THAT long in my presence.